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Aug 19, 1999
We are thinking about trying these for our rental in Tampa. Do you always get an in-terminal car rental??? Or will we get one off-site???


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There's no way to determine whehter you'll get one in-terminal or off-site. Our LAX rental is in-terminal and that is with hotwire.com but our Priceline was with Alamo which was off-site.
Priceline currently offers cars from the following agencies: National, Hertz, Avis, Alamo & Budget. IIRC, National & Avis are in the terminal, Hertz and Alamo are out of the terminal and I'm not sure about Budget.

-- Robin
Our Hertz rental in Orlando is off-site Hertz for THIS Thursday!! Yippee!!

We rented through hotwire as it was the best price I could get on any car after weeks of wrangling with Priceline!!

I Just tried to do what you are asking about just this past weekend. I wanted to use Hotwire for the car and Priceline for the Hotel. Well I ended up saving a wopping $2 at another site and I am booked at the Clarion Main Gate. I decided to bypass Priceline since I was practically at their rake rate and figured why get something that I don't know anything about. Also I received a compact Budget on Hotwire for 1 dollar more then economy and at the MCO airline that is off the airport. BUT!!!! just to let anyone who uses JUST debit cards like I do, WATCH OUT since MANY places are not dealing with these cards at all. I was a wreck in Memphis learning this lesson. GL! and thanks all for your own inputs.


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