? about film and new x-ray machines in airports


DIS Veteran
Jun 8, 2001
I heard a blurb on local (Detroit) news this a.m. but was half asleep and missed some of the info. I heard something about new luggage x-ray machines at DTW that will ruin exposed film so you should carry all film in a clear plastic bag with your carry on bag and hold it our for security to see so it won't go through their x-ray machines too. Does this sound right??????????? Does anyone know more about this subject????????

I'd hate to have all my Disney photos ruined in either screening machine.



DIS Veteran
Aug 24, 1999
I sent my camera and film through the x-ray in Pittsburgh and Orlando last month, no problem, my pictures turned out fine. USAir does have a note on their website saying not to put film in checked luggage, that x-ray is much stronger.