AAA ticket discount

Carol O

Earning My Ears
Jun 14, 2000
I am not a member of AAA but my aunt is. Could she buy us discounted tickets if she is not coing on the trip?
I don't see why not. They are just regular park tickets like the ones you buy at the window. However, when I went to buy mine, they did not offer the 3 day passes, only 1 or 2 day.
I have a silly question: Where are you going to buy your tickets? Why I ask? I have heard that you can purchase the tickets at a Spencer's gift shop and was told that the discount does not apply. I also was going to order mine off the internet and do not see a place to apply the discount. I just want to make sure to get the discount. Please let me know. Thanks!
Go to your local AAA office to buy tickets.


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