AAA Park Passes.


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Feb 4, 2001
Has anyone bought park passes from AAA? If so, are the prices fairly decent? I'm looking at going in May, how long does it take to get AAA park passes in? I'd love to hear from anyone who has worked with AAA in this matter.

I got the passes at AAA last year in May. The AAA office I use is a travel center and the passes were in the office. I got them when I paid at the window. They were the paper pass that you can get at the diseny store.
They are appox. the same price as buying them at Super Wal*Mart at Kissimmee or purchasing them with the DC discount. I believe you have to be an AAA member to purchase them.
Actually when I called both places a few weeks ago, it was a bit cheaper at AAA than at the Disney Store with a DC membership!
WDW ticket prices vary at different AAA offices. At my AAA office (part of Chicago Motor Club), WDW ticket prices are a few dollars higher than with the Disney Club discount.
Slightly higer or slightly lower than DC prices means approx. That is why I worded it that way.
APs aren't. But I have mentioned before that AAA's rates closely match DC's, or beat them. Not only in park passes, but room discounts too. Often they are identical or AAA's are slightly lower.
Do you have to buy the AAA passes at a AAA office? Can you get the same discount at your resort desk when you check in?
Hi Mike!

You need to buy the passes at your AAA office. And different offices carry different passes.

Hope that this helps!

If you buy your passes from AAA I believe you get a special VIP parking pass. Ask. I found out about the parking pass AFTER I bought my tickets from Disney Store.
I believe you need to purchase a vacation package via AAA to receive the VIP parking pass, not just tickets.
It's been two years, but I bought tickets only from AAA and got the parking pass (then called Diamond Pass). I did not buy a package. The parking was great! My mom was in a wheel chair so has handicap parking...AAA spots were often just as good!
I purchased 2 hopper passes at our local AAA office for x-mas presents for our upcoming spring trip. We also received the parking pass and only got tickets and not a package! This will be our 1st time using this pass for parking as we never bought our tickets here before! Has anyone ever had any problems using these passes? How close up front is the actual lot and does it fill up fast? I have heard of people getting to use this lot by just showing their AAA cards and not even having this pass? Anyone know how this works? Thanks!
That is good to know, I do know that they told me that I needed to purchase a package.
Ahhhh, the things you learn here. Thank you!!!


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