A Very Belated Trip Report DAY 2 - MGM, the Brown Derby, Fantasmic

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  1. jesdmill1

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    Jan 17, 2001
    Trip Dates: June 11-17, 2000

    The Cast:
    Me, Jessica, 22 and a first time Disney visitor
    My Mom – 45, a Disney nut dying to see Animal Kingdom

    Mon June 12 – MGM – commissary, brown derby, fantasmic

    We woke up early (well, for us) and got to MGM right as it was opening. We made a B Line for Star Tours right away. This was the first ride I rode at DL as well, and it didn’t disappoint. I love the cheesiness of it! I must note though, that when I rode it at DL my best friend who was with me got violently ill. I had to sit with her and watch her puke into the bushes while my boyfriend rode space mountain. If you have motion sickness this might bother you – even I felt bad for a minute or two when I got off!

    After Star Tours we got fast passes to see Little Mermaid and headed for MuppetVision. I am the biggest muppet fan in the world, so I was really looking forward to this! The Preshow was great fun, and I loved the actual show! One downside though, the woman behind me kept kicking my seat. Oh well, though – I got to see Miss Piggy! After the show I had to buy a little Miss Piggy beanie. I wish they still showed the Muppet Show in reruns on cable – I really miss it!

    By this time it was getting to be lunchtime, and we wanted to miss the crowds. We considered trying for 50s prime time café, but we aren’t really into restaurants where the waiters interact with you. We went to the ABC Commissary instead. I got the Roast Beef Sandwich, and my Mom had the Caesar Wrap. I didn’t like my sandwich at all – the beef was chewy and it was cold! My Mom gave me half her wrap, and it was really good though… I don’t think I would eat there again. It was nice and air conditioned though!

    After lunch it was time for the Little Mermaid. We made our way into the waiting area quickly, but it took forever for the doors to open and for us to be let in! I thought the show was really nice – the puppets were cute, and the lighting effects were excellent. The only problem was it was too short! I really liked it though. I didn’t mind the wait after all!

    After lunch we decided to take the backlot tour. There was no wait – we just walked right it (this was our experience for most of our trip… maybe we were just lucky?) I thought the tour was a lot of fun – I thought it was really neat to see the Golden Girls house, but then I still watch the reruns on Lifetime and get all misty eyed : ) I can see how it could use some updating though.

    After the tour we checked the line for the Great Movie ride, but it was out the door and I was tired, so we went back to the hotel and rested for about 2 hours (well, I rested while Mom went to the pool)

    When we headed back to the park we were greeted by a bus full of the army men from Toy Story driving around shouting instructions through a megaphone. Their costumes were really neat – I loved how they kept the feet attatched!

    The first thing we headed for was Sounds Dangerous. I hadn’t heard much about this show, but it was really fun – but Mom and I decided that Disney loves to squirt water at people too much!

    Next we went over to the Great Movie ride, where the line was shorter now. Still, we must have sat through that trailer movie 9 times before we finally got on the ride. I thought the ride was fun, but not too exciting. I really liked the part from the movie Alien though.

    After the GMR it was time for our PS at the Brown Derby. We checked in and were directed to wait upstairs in the bar. In about 5 minutes a waitress came up to get us and lead us to our table. We were seated on the second level, at a table overlooking the main floor. I thought it was an excellent location. The Brown Derby is a beautiful restaurant. We had fun looking at all the celebrity caricatures on the walls! I ordered the Grilled Salmon, and Mom had the Pork Tenderloin. She was disappointed she couldn’t get the Cobb Salad since we were on the fantasmic package and had to get entrees. My Salmon was excellent. It was served in a shallow bowl on shellfish minestrone soup, and was very tender and perfectly cooked. Mom liked her pork, which came with mashed potatoes, as well. For dessert we each had the Grapefruit cake. This cake was wonderful! I’m not a big chocolate fan, so I’m always looking for alternative desserts, and this was perfect – sweet without being too heavy. We each had iced tea with our meal.

    After we ate we headed over to Fantasmic. On the way there we watched the people scream on Tower of Terror and decided there was no way we were doing that – I’m already scared enough of elevators (must go with my fear of planes). Fantasmic was a lot of fun, although not as good as in Disneyland. The show in Disneyland was so good, I would have paid admission just to see it! I was grateful for the seat though. In DL my BF and I had to stand the whole time!

    After Fantasmic we went on Star Tours one more time before calling it a night and heading back to the hotel.

    August 2001 - Wilderness Lodge
    June 2000 - Port Orleans
    August 1999 - Disneyland
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    Aug 18, 1999
    What a great day! Its very interesting hearing the differnces between DL and DW.

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    Mar 8, 2000
    Another great day! Love the details you've included.

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun filled day for the two of you. Thanks for posting!

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