A Very Angelic Christmas - D13 - A Disney day...castles & candles

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    May 5, 2001
    Day 13

    28thDecember 2001

    A Disney Day

    We are having a Disney Day today, I’ve made up my mind, so there’s no stopping me!

    True to form we don’t leave the hotel until after 9am, arriving at MK at about 9.40. I can’t believe it then takes about 45 minutes to enter the car park in a very long queue and park….that’s a record for us anyway!L At 10.25, having decided to take the ferry which is just loading (it’s a beautiful day) we are stepping thru the turnstiles. Just one strange aside here….while we were in the queue to have our bags searched a group of teenage girls in front of me suddenly went very red and, after asking me what was happening, hastily stuffed something into the bin….want to wonder what it was ??? Vince says I have an over-active imagination but…..

    Anyway, the day is lovely, bright and warm today with a beautiful blue sky, and the castle stands up tall and proud just asking me to photo it…ok then! It is packed here today though. When we walk up to Space Mountain the time for fast passes is for 3 hours later!! Wow!! It obviously gets a LOT busier towards New Year is all I can say!

    We eat breakfast overlooking the castle on one of the cafes (sorry can’t remember the name now) and I am just taking stock. After all, its nearly January and here I am looking at the lovely sunshine, in my most favourite place in the world…how lucky am I?

    We walk around to Haunted Mansion, but even here the wait is up to 45mins. Thunder Mountain is closed as its broken down (boo) and we stand a while and watch Splash Mountain, but won’t queue for the 75 minutes thanks all the same! We’ve done that wait before, it’s a killer! (didn’t I get wet enough yesterday folks?) Instead I persuade my darlings to take the raft across to Tom Sawyer Island as thins is something we’ve not yet done. Becky is not impressed by the suggestion but I think its lovely. We have to wait 25 mins or so, but once they decide to put an extra raft on the q speeds up. Its lovely and peaceful over on the little island, and I love all the little paths and caves (very spooky!) and Vince is enthralled by the fort (just a big kid) and has to walk along the ramparts and go down the cellars.

    Aunt Polly’s café looks great too, what a shame we’ve not long had our breakfast! I’d have loved to sit in one of the rocking chairs for another hour or 2 just watching the crowds over the other side. Very peaceful.

    Back across to the other side and check out the q for Pirates, but again its 75 minutes, shows you how busy it is everywhere! Take a look at Aladdin’s flying carpets but there’s no way I’ll persuade Becky on this I’m afraid, she’s way too cool;) ….even if the q was shorter! However this route brings us sneakily to my favourite spot by the Sunshine Tree Terrace, so we can chill out for a while with a citrus swirl. Mmmmmmmmmmm……..If you haven’t tried these, you must! Frozen yoghurt and Orange juice…..lovely and very refreshing. Its now really hot so we needed these for medicinal purposes;) Round the central hub and people are already qing for the parade. Its now 12.50 and the parade is due at 2pm. I decide if I want to see this I’d better grab a pot as I do like to be in front to get my pics (don’t mind kids in front of me you understand;)) I stake out my place leaning on a rubbish bin (hmmm) while Becky sits next to me, repelling all comers!!! One growl from her and they’re all frightened off! Vince nips off to collect some Fps for Buzz for later. I say ‘nips’ but this shoprt walk takes him 30 mins in the crowd. Then he ‘s sent on a mission for a bottle of water as we are now REALLY hot! Our position is great, facing the castle on the right side of the hub, by the pathway to Tomorrowland. I work out all my pics will have the castle in the background too…yippee!

    The parade is actually 15 mins late starting which is unusual, and in front are some marching bands, some really quite awful, but they’re only kids and we clap enthusiastically, as they sweat in their uniforms, poor things! I’m a tad disappointed as (doh!) I hadn’t realised it was the same Xmas parade we saw at MVMCP. I thought it’d be the 100 years parade, see? Yes, I know, I should read the info and listen to all you lot, what can I say! Still loved the Snow White one, ice skating on the float, and the Princesses, complete with Sleeping Beauty. Those reindeer still look mighty strange to me though!

    After the parade we ‘re off to use our Fp for Space Mountain at last. The stand by line is now 120 mins…wow! We’re on in 10 mins, and it’s as great as usual, if anything seems faster this time, how weird! I laugh myself stupid on it as usual, it always makes me really giggle I’m afraid! Then its on to TTA (“Now boarding…..” for a nice rest, which promptly breaks down. Oh well, the view is good luckily, I can watch everyone on those little race cars go round and round…..and round….and round……. It eventually starts up again and we’re off. Then we need some sustenance, so decide to try the bakery in Main street. I’m sorry but this is the worst place we’ve eaten. The floor was filthy, as were the tables. The cakes were ok, nothing special, I’ve certainly had better (and yes, I’m a connoisseur!) and I was very unimpressed.

    Back to Buzz to use our passes for a final fight the evil Emperor! Sadly my gun was useless (honestly!;)) so I failed miserably to match Becky & Vince’s score, much to their delight. By this time it was getting on for 4.45, and we wanted to get to EPCOT for the Candlelight Procession. I decided I wanted to take the monorail while the others drove, I just wanted to try it.

    I managed to beat them by a long time, so its obviously quicker to do that, even tho the first monorail broke down! We wandered around and waited fort eh tree to be lit as it was getting dark. That was lovely and once again I mourned the fact that we had neither video camera or ‘proper’ camera…even tho my Walmart special did us proud. Strolled thru Mexico to China to finally give Becky her Chinese, promised since Xmas Day. We sat outside and watched ToD while we ate. Had a lovely combo meal and the most disgusting drink I’ve ever tasted! Vince couldn’t understand what the girl was saying and agreed to try their ‘special’ made from mangoes and semolina (or something like that anyway) YUK YUK YUK! Beware! Mind was taken off the taste luckily by the wonderful parade with that lovely haunting music. Then we watched the little Chinese acrobats…how DO they do that??? (They don’t eat so much cake & chocolate Mandy) they are amazing, so talented and such showmen/girls! Rapturous applause afterwards!

    Then it was time fro CP. What can I say? If you saw this, you’ll know what I mean. We listened to the first performance, which had already started, from a seat by the lake, and the music carried across the sky, and it sounded like angels singing…no, really! I had been very disappointed to miss my fave Gary Sinese on Xmas Day, but Levar Burton (Geordie from Star Trek) had a wonderful voice for the narration. The back drop was like a blue night sky with stars, and when the lights went out and the choir came on, with their clothes glittering and the candles they held, they were really just like angels. I really cried at this and was glad it was dark, but I have a sneaking suspicion I wasn’t the only one! How very very beautiful, and how special and Christmassy. Afterwards, Vince had saved us places round the lake by the US and we had a good view of the incredible firework display. This is still marvellous, no matter how many times you see it. Even when someone decide they want to stand right in front of you with their big head…seethe…..oh well!

    After this I just had a chance to quickly check out the gingerbread house in the restaurant at US, lovely! Lovely smell too!

    Then home again home again….what a lovely time we all had on our Disney Day!

    Last full day tomorrow, don’t wanna go home!
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