A UK Netflix Question From a Yank


Bill From PA
Jan 21, 2009
I'm thinking of getting a VPN for a number of reasons, one of which is that it will allow be to view the UK version of Netflix. I'm addicted to Better Call Saul, I don't like to be tied to AMC's broadcast schedule and the US Netflix won't have season 4 until sometime in 2019. My question is, on the UK version of Netflix are all the episodes out there to be viewed for a long period of time as with the US version? It appears that the UK version will have each episode the day after it airs in the US but does it then stay there for a while or would I have to view it immediately before it goes away?

Thanks for any info offered and see from the pic below my favorite WDW 'ride'. I'm of Welsh/English ancestry.

Bill From PA


Earning My Ears
Sep 3, 2016
You wont need to view immediately, they'll be there for a while I would think. There's currently 8 episodes of season 4 on UK Netfilx, with two more scheduled for October. Seasons 1-3 are still available to view too.


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