A two-question trivia quiz (Pirates and HM)


DIS Veteran
Apr 2, 2009
1. How many skeletons are seen on POTC (Full skeletons only, please. Lone skulls don’t count)? Where are they? No referring to videos, please.

2. In the HM’s graveyard, how many of the singing busts wear ties? If any, what type?


DIS Veteran
May 7, 2012
1. 7? After the second drop there are the 2? who died by the crabs and I think a seagull. The 1 by the lightening. The 2 playing chess. The 1? drinking wine in the same room. And the 1 in the Captain's Quarters
2. I can only think of 1 bow tie.

Elk Grove Chris

DIS Veteran
Aug 31, 2011
1. Total of 11, I think, though I wouldn't be surprised if there were more in the shadows.. Two on beach, 1 standing with seagull on head=3. 1 by lightening. Two playin chess, 2 on bar=4. 1 in Captain's quarters,1 on pile of gold=2 . After all the pirates, 1 in cell. Wonder how many chickens.
2. I only remember this because I just processed some HM photos, so this might not really count as knowing: 3 bowties 1 necktie, 1 with no tie.


Dec 28, 2010
Can’t answer this...but trying to figure out how to ditch the fam for two rides so I can “focus” and count!! 😆 how fun!!


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