A special thanks to Vivi, Oceaneers Lab CM on the 1/19 Disney Magic


DIS Veteran
Aug 23, 1999
Our cruise could not have been more wonderful. One of the most magical moments for our 12yo daughter Sarah (and for us) was when we went to register her at the Oceaneers Lab on the first day of our January 19th cruise on the Disney Magic. We filled out all the paperwork and walked over to the desk where Sarah was to get her ID badge. As we approached the desk, Sarah recognized one of her counselors. We had done the inaugural 7-night Caribbean cruise in August 2000. Keep in mind that 17 months had passed since we had cruise. CM Vivi looked at Sarah and said "I remember you.....you're Sarah!!!". I nearly fell over. For a CM to remember someone whom she hadn't seen in almost a year and a half, that's Disney Magic at it's best.

Sarah had a wonderful time with all of the counselors, but it was extra special that Vivi remembered our little girl.

i was on the ship on July 21 2001 and i had Vivi in common grounds... i am going to e-mail it to her so that she gets it!!


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