A quick weekend dining review with milk restrictions

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    Hi there! I just participated in the Princess Half Marathon! I have severe lactose intolerance, and cannot tolerate lactose free dairy milk. Disney treats it as a dairy allergy. I also can not eat any meat or poultry, but will eat eggs cooked in foods (I do not like eggs alone). I can't have raw veggies and I eat fish and shellfish. Overall I had good food/shef experiences and one freakish experience.

    I'll review ASMU food court (breakfast and lunch), Yak and Yeti counter service, WPE at DTD, the MK ice cream shop and Crystal Palace

    Friday night we arrived at ASMU around 8pm starving. The food court had limited options for me (so much meat and poultry and premade pizza/dairy). The chef at the Pizza/pasta station was wonderful and made me plain pasta without blinking an eye. I didn't want any sauce on it. He asked me how long I was planning to be a guest and told me to be sure to let the Chefs know my food restrictions and they'd take care of me.

    Saturday morning: ASMU FOOD COURT

    I decided on a whim to try and see if I could get something besides a plain bagel (my usual breakfast sentence on vacation). The chef at the pancake/french toast station was wonderful. He made me dairy free/gluten free pancakes in the back. (gluten free always seems to accompany dairy free these days but I don't mind). They took FOREVER (which is the case when you order an allergy meal at a counter service) but the pancakes were delicious! I ate all three of them happily. I just have to remember to not wait until I am starving to order my meal. : )

    Saturday: LUNCH at AK. We decided to go to the counter service Yak and Yeti (can not remember the name).

    I wanted to be sure to have carbs steadily all day and wanted noodles or rice for lunch. I waited in line patiently and asked for the "ingredients binder". The cashier told me she didnb't have one and had me step to the side for the chef. When asked, the chef told me everything had dairy in it (the sauce they use has milk?). Then she just stared at me. So I asked "Well, could you make me some plain noddles then?" All I wanted was noodles which they were boiling up in the back anyway. She told me if I wanted to special order, I had to go to the sit down restaurant. I was shocked b/c usually the counter service restaurants will work with you to make somehting as long as you are reasonable. I thought plain noodles was reasonable. When I told her I didn't want to go to the restaurant she told me she had nothing for me. I think I just stood there blinking at her in shock for a minute. I asked again, nicely "So you're saying you can't just give me a plate of plain noodles with nothing on them?" She said "noodles? Maybe. You know, I don't have to do this for you. I don't have to make you anything special here. I'm only doing this because you keep asking me. Don't say I did it and don't come back here expecting me to do it again." I think my jaw hit the floor. I never expect special treatment but Disney is usually so good about offering something in an allergy situation. Now I can't help myself and say "If a plate of plain noodles with nothing on them is going to be an issue, I'll just go somewhere else. It isn't wrong of me to ask if you can give me some noodles. I can eat somewhere else." As I am turning to leave she says "All right, I'll make you a stir fry with plain soy sauce without dairy in it. Do you want veggies and shrimp too?" WHAT??? I nodded in shock and she said it would be a few minutes and to pay. I still have no idea what happened there. My sister was with me and I asked her a milliont imes if I had been rude and she said definitely not (and believe me, I have been known to overreact).

    The noodles came out and the portion was HUGE. It was hot, delicious and full of shrimp. I was sure she'd done something to it that would get me sick later but I was fine after eating it. It was overall delicious food with very bizarre service.

    DINNER at WPE (wolfgang puck express)

    We met some friends for dinner and decided to carbo load at WPE. I was tired and hungry by now and not in the mood to talk to another chef. The cashier was wonderful. I explained my dairy intolerance and asked if they could just make me plain pasta with the tomato sauce on the side. He didn't blink an eye and said it would be no problem but it would take a few extra minutes. My sister had the alfredo penne with chicken and said it was amazing. Hers arrived within 10 minutes of ordering. She ate, our friends ate and finished and still, no dinner for me. 25 minutes later my plain pasta came out. It was good, a bit oily, but I was starving. Overall it was fine but it seemed a long time to wait for pasta.

    3am Sunday morning, MARATHON DAY!!

    I had a bagel and coffee in the food court with almond butter I brought from home. ASMU had breakfast boxes available which was nice, and they had the coffee on which was even nicer! The marathon went well and we headed back to the food court for lunch.

    LUNCH: ASMU Food court.

    I was starving. Starving. I know that Disney french fries and the veggie burgers they have are dairy free. (I got the list fo safe foods from Brenda Bennett). I didn't even want to wait for the chef to make it separately so I just ordered. Cross contamination isn't an issue for me but if you mention intolerance or allergy it is Disney policy to cook it in the back.

    I have had the new veggie patties before and I am no fan. I don't really like the hunks of corn and carrots in it but I was hungry. The french fries were fresh and delicious and I had some veggie burger off the bun (I couldn't remember if it had milk) and it was fine.


    We decided that moving around was better than sitting so we showered and headed to MK. I went right to the ice cream shop and ordered chocolate Tofutti. The manager has to come out and talk to you and scoop it himself. He told me Disney is asking guests what they are allergic to and what they might like so they can have more options on hand. He asked me a few questions and then scooped my ice cream in the back. I couldn't get a cone. It took a few minutes but not too bad.

    DINNER: Crystal Palace

    This was fabulous! They were super busy but it only took about 5 minutes for the chef to come out. He walked me through the buffet and pointed out what I could eat (which was pretty much everything). He asked if there were enough choices for me and could he make me something special? NOPE! There was plenty!! I ate 2 plates and then they brought out a huge gluten free/sairy free brownie that was also delicious. This was a great meal.

    Overall, it was a good dining experience with the exception of that little bump in AK.
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    That was bizarre! :confused3 Glad you were able to get something but it sounds so odd. No wonder you were asking did that really just happen?

    Glad the rest was a better experience :)
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    Thanks so much for this review! I've recently been diagnosed with a milk allergy and I was starting to think I'd be stuck eating salads all week on our upcoming trip. This made me feel a bit more hopeful (although I will be avoiding the Yak & Yeti CS!).
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    WOW. I have heard that Yak and Yeti isn't owned by Disney - Kind of like how Rainforest Cafe is there, but is operated by another company. I guess this is why their service isn't as good? :confused3

    Either way, I can't imagine anyone in the hospitality industry feeling like it was ok to treat a guest like that. That was just rude.
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    Thats great you could find some good meals to acommodate your needs, its a shame the way you were treated at Yak & Yeti. :)

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