A question for anyone who got a 4* hotel at Disney on Priceline

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Aug 15, 2000
I know the 4* hotels are generally Swan, Dolphin, MOWC, and Wyndham Palace. Priceline states it guarantees accomodations for up to 2 adults. HAs anyone had any experience fitting 2 adults and 2 kids in one of the rooms at one of the 4*. It does not make any sense for me to bid for 2 rooms for 1 night. Thanks!
Strictly speaking, and of the hotels you bid on do not have to accommodate more than 2 adults per room. So you could be booked into a room with 1 king bed. I think the 4* hotels in the WDW area are very accommodating, and can't see that they wouldn't allow you to call and request 2 doubles rather than 1 king bed.

You'd run into a definite problem in some NY hotels, as many of them only have 1 bed in the room - sometimes 1 SINGLE bed! (guess they think everyone who stays in NYC is there on business?)

Basically, it's a crap shoot, but your chances of changing to 2 doubles are probably pretty good.


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I bid for and got the Marriott Orlando World Center last May and we stayed in a room with two adults and two children. There was a sleeper sofa in the room also, that the kids fought over! It was very comfortable, considering.


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Hi. I got the Wyndam Palace last year through Priceline for our first night at Disney. On advice from this board, I immediately joined their free wyndham-by-request program, then called the hotel and requested 2 double beds. No problems at all.

I used Priceline for our trip last August and got the Dolphin. Once I got the confirmation # from Priceline I called the Dolphin to confirm. I told them there was 2 adults and 2 children. They then gave me a dolphin confirmation # for 2 doubles. They had no problem with it. :)


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I got the Wyndham thru Priceline this past winter. I also joined Wyndham by Request. When I phoned to request two beds they were unable to give me two beds. The reservation's person was very nice and helpful. She told me that there was a pullout double couch in the room and asked if that would work for us. We ended up having plenty of room. The couch worked great. :)
Thanks again - I booked a room for $50 for our last night through Priceline. We can never afford a four star hotel. I am so excited!
This site and everyone's input has saved our family so much money!!!!!


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