Earning My Ears
Mar 4, 2001
Okay, I know this is kinda a silly question, my DS age 9, wanted me to ask, On the toboggan run, I think that is what it is called, when you land, do you land in water or the slides just "ends", he wants to know, how much water, I guess. :cool:
I will answer this assuming that you're talking about the family tube ride thing. There is very little water at the end. If I can remember correctly, it's about knee deep to an adult.
My recollection of the toboggan run is that it levels out and the mat you are riding on will slowly come to a stop.

I also recall getting lots of water in my face on this one, had to close my eyes so my contacts wouldn't come out, but what a blast! It's similiar to an actual toboggan run.

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thanks Lisa, I think that is the one he was talking about, the one where you race each other, we've seen pictures of it and on a Disney Sing a long, of BlizzardBeach, they show Minnie on it, looks like fun!!


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