A look back at all my VMK Room creations.


Always And Forever ~ illusionistic
Jun 16, 2007
Well time to share all my rooms that I could find pics of.

Pirates Of The Caribbean. My best guest winner.

My Gingerbread Contest Room which also won an honor. :)

Titan Mountain which had some of my most amazing detail using the slide.

Where The Wild Things Are. My first room that created a whimsical setting and my first attempt at a creature.

Davey Jones Undersea Maze. Was inspired after my POTC room. I loved this room it had a fun aspect to it.

Caribbean Key. My waterpark room. I liked this room alot because I tried to make it look as much like a real waterpark as possible.

Toon Town Random Rush. The queue room to my first real attempt at a ride. I have no pictures of the actual ride rooms but ask anyone who was on it. :)

Space Racers. One of my most confusing games. Ask Tink :rotfl2:

illusionistic's Frozen Palace. An icecream shop with a disney inspired illusionistic spin on it.

People Mover Station. A spur of the moment creation that sparked interest.

Carnival Quick. Created on the last day this room only saw an hour of standing but it was a tribute to all my rooms. Only a handful saw this room.

Stitches Great Escape. My crowning room. When built I wasn't really looking at it as being big I just wanted to build the Stitch theather. That room took off and so many memories were made.

I loved all my rooms and will never forget them. Hope you enjoy this little look back of all my rooms and if your not crying right now like I am, you are amazing.


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