A Four Generation Grand Gathering

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    Jul 18, 2007
    We are just under our 180 day mark for our every two years trip to see the mouse.:cool1: I figured now would be as good time as any to start a pre-trip report.

    As I have said in the Title... This is a four generation grand gathering trip, with the youngest being 4 and the oldest being 76... aye ya aye. Some of the cast is the same as our last Disney adventure ( see link in siggie) So now I present the cast of Characters, in no particular order.

    Me- Mandy, age 29, no really, for the first time. I will celebrate my 30th birthday at Walt Disney World this year. Been to Disney and surround area a lot, but this is my 2nd time to stay on-site. Favorite Ride: Rockin Roller coaster. Favorite Character: Goofy

    DH- Scott, 39 when we go. Likes Disney well enough to suggest going this year instead of in 2 more years :banana: Favorite Ride: Rockin Roller coaster
    Favorite Character: Stitch

    DD- Bradyn, 6, third Disney trip in 4 years. Has never stayed off site. Hoping to grow another inch or two to ride Rockin Roller coaster.. anyone seeing a trend here? Favorite Character: Cinderella though Tinkerbell is running a close second.

    DS- Alex- 4 at the time of travel. Needs to grow about an inch and a half to hit the magical 40 in mark. We've been putting growing dust in his food :rotfl:
    favorite ride: The grand Prix. Favorite Character- Wall-E

    DM- My mom. 51, loves everything Disney. Favorite ride. Its a Small World. Favorite Character- Eyeore I think

    DDad- My dad, 53, and tolerates Disney. official driver of the big ol van of adults. Uses a ECV in the parks due to losing his leg in a work accident 13 yrs ago. Favorite Character- Donald Duck

    Gma- My grand ma, 74 and doesn't act a day over 50. Seriously she doesnt think shes old at all. Still does the barn work and all that. Currently refusing to get an ECV- wants to make sure the handicapped and elderly who need them have them.

    Gpa- My grandfather- 76, early stages of dementia but loves being around kids, keeps telling my mom he wants to go to Florida one last time ( I think this is their 3rd last time trip, kinda like the band Kiss and their last tour)


    2 regular rooms at All Star Movies

    My family in one room, the van full of adults in the other.

    Check in Date:

    December 12th ( for me) and December 13th for the van of adults.. more about this later.
  2. Mandychelle79

    Mandychelle79 DIS Veteran

    Jul 18, 2007
    This trip started the planning stages about a year ago when DH looked at me and said Let's go to Disney next year. Let the planning begin. The last trip we took I planned everything out. What days we would be at what park, where to eat on what day, every last detail. And you know what? I hated it. I did not have as much fun as previous trips where we just flew by the seat of our pants. And I found out that Im not good at getting codes added to our vacation and things like that. I met a TA on another board and became pretty good on line friends with her so we are using her services when booking this trip. And im not over planning. Yes we have restaurants we want to go to and probably be in the park that they are at, but we are doing park hoppers this time so we really do not have to be. But I digress. On with the pre-trip.

    When we were talking about the Disney trip, we invited my mom along for an extra hand with the kids. So it started out to just be the 5 us. Then DDad got a PIN code. The 40 percent off one for the time frame we are going. Mom invited the grand parents and so we are a grand gathering.

    Then yesterday ( June 20th) I checked my email that is attached to my disney account and what do I have? A PIN code for free dining for the time we are going. On the phone with the TA after calling mom and letting her know. TA called back and here is the breakdown.

    Base price for parents- 2900, with dad's pin code 2653.76, with my pin code, 1940.44. That's a savings of 959.76 using my pin code vs base price and 713.52 over they had with the 40 percent pin code. The 40 percent pin code had saved them 246.24. I must say my parents were very happy with the amount I had saved them on this trip.

    Base price for my family- when we booked with dads we were only going for 7 days because of when his pin code started. So with dads pin code- base was 2443.60, with pin was 2095.62 for a savings of 246.32

    my pin code has more dates to it and since we are going to be in Orlando on the 12th we decided to add a day at Disney- Base price 2549.34, with my pin code- 1835.62, which is a savings of 713.72 over base price. We ended up saving about 260 dollars vs using dads pin code and got an extra day and food for that day :cool1:

    Now we just need to figure out another ts restaurant we want to go to
  3. Mandychelle79

    Mandychelle79 DIS Veteran

    Jul 18, 2007
    Now I know I said I wasnt going to over plan this vactaion but Im also not going to just call up disney dining that day and see what they have open. I have kids dang it and I want character meals. Here are the meals we have planned but Im going to take them at any time they are available. BTW adding the extra day helped because we will only eat one meal in Disney the first day there, a counter service, so I have an extra table service for the end of the week :goodvibes

    One thing I remembered from last time. My family= not big breakfast eaters

    Chef Mickeys- dinner
    1900 Park Fare- Dinner- This one will be on the day DD goes to BBB, so most likely tuesday which is when Im planning the park free day
    Crystal Palace- Dinner
    Garden Grill- Dinner
    Whispering Canyon Cafe- Dinner
    Ohana- Breakfast- this one will be when we leave as a farewell to disney.

    We still have one table service, and we are planning on park hopping on Sunday so we may do the Norway Princess Breakfast as we did like the food there the last time, but right now who knows. Im up for suggestions

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