A Dream comes true

Smooth Silky Goofy

Earning My Ears
Mar 29, 2001
A Dream Comes True After all the years of waiting and dreaming the reality was better than the dream. The night before I couldn't sleep. (My PBH nightmare left a bad taste in my mouth but the great Shamu would help) Rolled out of bed at 5:45am had to be ready for the first shuttle to Sea World. Drank my apple juice packed my five rolls of film and my news paper and waited (for a lifetime LoL) for my fiance' to get ready. On the bus I was like a kid waiting for Christmas, asking everyone about Sea World. When I got off the buss ran on line to wait to get in. My girl thought I was nuts. When I entered Sea World they told us there was a water main break the night before( I did not care) and there was no drinking water or soda. Who cares about soda when Shamu was waiting. First show was at 11:15 Am I couldn't wait had to take a picture with the big fake Shamu at the entrance everyone was looking at me but I was in SHAMU HEAVEN. We did the normal stuff feed the stingrays cool, watch the Dolphin show great, then it was time to go see Shamu. I was walking on air as I entered the stadium was better then I thought it would be. I had to sit in the splash zone and had to get my splash zone towel and my shamu hat. When The Show started there were tears of joy in my eyes it was unreal. this is what life is all about and even the PBH staff could not ruin this joy, to see the Majestic Shamu entertain the people was one of life's greatest joys. This is why you for to Florida not to stay in a hotel. I must have snapped 100 pictures and my fiance' could not believe the look on my face she did not believe my feelings and joy until she saw me a grown man seeing his dream come true like a kid in the candy store. After the show ended I had to stay in my seat and just soak it all in. we went back for the 6:30 Shamu rocks America show that was even better. to see Shamu and the others soak everyone and do their tricks was unreal the only negative was the fact that we wasted to much time in the Arctic exhibit and I was not able to sit in the splash zone for the show. The day was one of the best days of my life, and I hope you all get to do it. My next dream is to have a Shamu cove like Dolphin cove. Not sure I could meet Shamu it might be to much for this Shamu fan, who will wear his Shamu hat and towel with pride and joy until he goes back to Florida again. :)
I am glad to see you had such a wonderful experience at SeaWorld to offset the PBH nightmare....

It tickles my heart to see someone get that much joy from an animal....I know the feeling! :bounce:
Shamu is not just an animal he is one of the great wonders of the world, and if you see him perform and the joy he brings to people you will know this.......:jester: :bounce: :jester: :bounce:

And to think, me and my friends skipped out on all the shows just to ride Kraken over and over again. LOL :)
To paraphrase Joyce Kilmer:

I think that Walt will never do
A wonder greater than Shamu.
There is none greater than shamu he is the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be. If anyone does not see him it is their loss.


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