A couple HR questions please? (ok more then a couple)


Aug 28, 2000
Were heading out next week&just wondering about a couple of things.

Do they have any water floats, toys etc. for the kids to use at the pool? If so are they free or do they rent stuf?

I'd love to hear from anyone that has used the Little Rock Club!

Is there a video game player in the room? We are just in standard garden view.

I've read mixed things on where to eat&that there isnt a reasonablely priced fam restraunt. Were thinking of eating at the parks&city walk for the 4 nights of our stay, do you think this is a good idea? If so wheres the best place in the am to grab a bagel or muffin just something quick so we can get started on the rides?

Do the kids get there dinner at the kids club&is it included in the price? I sure hope it is as were paying $17.00hr for our 3!

And finally I'm done! Thanks everyone or all the help you've given us so far. I think I'd be lost without these boards! Brenda
When we were there last week, they had just installed a basketball backboard for the pool, and had basketballs and footballs (foam) for the kids. there were also long (foam?) purple rafts available, and safety vests for the little ones to wear down the water slide (I think you land in 3 ft. of water). No charge for any of that stuff. We had a nintendo or play stn. control in our room, but I don't think it had been hooked up yet. At least that is what I told the kids!!

We at at citywalk each night: PAT O'BRIENS, NASCAR CAFE, HARD ROCK HOTEL, AND MARGARITAVILLE. Because we were a group of 10,(5 kids, 5 adults), a gratuity of 15% was usually added. The food was fine, nothing spectacular, and the dinner bills ranged between $100-200 (ouch)including beers and cocktails. Both the parks have pastry places as soon as you enter, which is the best idea for breakfast, fast and reasonable.

We did not do the little rock club, so I can't help you there.Are you going to try and upgrade to a deluxe? I highly recommend it-- with 3 kids the std. room is WAY TOO CROWDED.

hope this helps! have a good time!!!!
Great info! Yes were trying for a Loews upgrade. We have 3 days at the park&were going to Emerils without the kids the first night so were hopefully going to be in the room mostly for sleeping. We just can't afford the deluxe this time. We are starting our holiday at HIFS for 7 nights so we'll have lots of room there(kids suite). I figure were getting the best of both worlds&can compare for the next trip on which we like best. It sound like they might be full March 1 so I've got my fingers crossed for the upgrade but not counting on it!

Can anybody else answer my other questions?

Lolly did your'e kids love the pool? Its looks like its great!
Hi Brenda,

Your trip is so close! You must be very excited. :) This is where you can get breakfast in the moring. Cheap quick..

1. At Universal...Beverly Hills Boulangerie.
2.At IOA...Croissant Moon Bakery (Port of Entry)
Green Eggs and Ham Cafe (Seuss Landing)
3. City Walk...the Market Place at Pastamore opens at 8A serving breakfast items.

All the rooms have video games in the T.V console.I think the charge is $7 -9 an hour. Make sure you keep track! They have a games listing as well.

Have a great trip!

I can't begin to tell you how excited we are. I started packing a week ago. I can't wait to get away from this winter weather!

Looking forward to watching my kids eat Green Eggs&Ham!
Thanks, Brenda
I take it you're not renting a car.

One of the great things about the HRH (in my opinion) is the location of the free self parking, it's right next to USF. The HRH's parking lot is by far closer to the park's than the parking garages.

Anyway, my point is when staying at the HRH it is so easy to get to your car you can take a break in the middle of the day and go offsite for lunch without wasting any time at all ... it's great. 5-10 minute walk (no buses, boats, trams, shuttles, etc.) from the park to your car (5 for USF, 10 for IOA). It really makes it so easy to get the most out of everything the HRH and IOA and USF and City Walk have to offer, but get away from it all too whenever you want from wherever you are
I'm so happy to hear that there is an hourly charge for the Nintendo-one more reason for my son not to use it!!
We will have our own car as we are driving from Canada. Good idea about going off site as well, we will probably go for a couple cheap dinners off site.

As for the Nintendo I dont mind my kids playing it for a hour or so but sorry not going to pay that extra money for it. There sure making there money on that instead of just renting games for the day.

Theres lots of other things to do for FREE, like using the lovely pool!
If you've got a car, you're golden ... just park towards the back of the lot (turn left and go all the way back). There's a gate in the "back" that leads to the pool area you can use once you're checked in. When we stayed there that was basically the same way we always used to get in and out of the hotel, whether going to the parks or the car, I think it's the fastest way. To get to that gate from the hotel go through the pool area and around the "back" of the bar and your at that gate. Turn right to go to the guest parking lot, turn left for a short walk to USF and beyond
MY kids (6,9, and 9) LOVED the pool. Had to drag them out of it. Parents can sit close by at the BEACH BAR and watch the fun-- my 49 yr. old husband also loved the underwater music--sounded really good after a couple margaritas!
have a great trip!!
MMMMM I like the bar idea! It beats sitting in the crowded room. The kids love swimmimg but it has to be pretty hot to get me swimming so at least I know we can sit&have a tropical drink while the kids swim!

EVERYBODYS HAPPY! Can you tell I'm just a little excited. I'm spending way to much time on these boards the last couple of days. Brenda

There is so much to do as you said and with a full day at the parks your kids wont even miss the video games! My 7 yeard old (soon to be 8) loves his nintendo 64 and the entire 5 days he only asked one time to play! They can play when you use the kids club! That should make them happy. I'm curious..how long is the drive from Canada?

Its about a 24hr drive give or take a hour. Were leaving around 11:00 at night so the kids will sleep until morning. Were planning on stopping for a hotel that night so we'll be well rested by the time we drive into Orlando the next day. And yes we are bringing the TV&VCR along with books&markers and lots of munchies.

Were so looking forward to it! Brenda
my wife and i just got back from HRH and loved it.After spending all day in US/IOA we went up to our room and put on our suits and spent the evening by the pool and bar.The pool is heated and is very warm or my wife would not have gone in.You will have a great time but i do agree that with a car do go outside on kirkman rd and eat a few times.The prices in citywalk and HRH are not cheap for food and you will welcome the break.We could not wait to get a burger from mcdonalds or burger king after a few days.Enjoy we can not wait to go back.. :)


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