9 Campfire Questions - HELP

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9 campfire questions HELP
1 - How do you get to the campfire site. We are staying at the Contemporary? Please be specific with directions or instructions. We'll have a car.
2 - What time are the movies?
3 - Is there story telling?
4 - Will my 3 1/2 year old enjoy it?
5 - Is there a schedule of what characters will be there?
6 - Are there seats?
7 - Should we bring blankets? (going May 17-24).
8 - Do they serve food?
9 - Is it very buggy?
posted 03-11-01 03:11 PM

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Some answers...your 3 yo will love it!! There is a sing a long with easy disney songs first, then the movie. We were there in Jan and there were 2 movies every night. I think that the time of year that you are going there is only one due to daylight hours. Call Ft. Wilderness when you get to the contemporary and they will give yoou that weeks schedule. Chip and Dale show up for the sing a long, but we did not see them every night. I would take a blanket, better safe than sorry!! Besides it's nice to just sit on. There are wooden benches, and metal bleachers, so the extra padding will be helpful. You can buy pre made packages to make s'mores, or there is a little wagon that has hot dogs, popcorn etc. My whole family loved the outdoor movies. Makes you long for drive in movies again. Even though we had seen each movie several times, it was great to sit in the open air and see them in a different perspective than a closed box. Have fun!!
posted 03-11-01 03:20 PM

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thank you camping griswalds. 1 more question
Thanks for your promt and kind answers. One more thing.
How do you get to the campsite. We have a car if needed. Do busses run back to the Contemporary after the movie?
posted 03-11-01 03:35 PM

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From the Contemporary you can take a boat to FW, then an internal FW bus to the campfire. If you drive to FW you will park in the main parking lot at FW then take an internal bus. If you choose to go by bus from the Contemporary you still would need to take an internal FW bus.
Last fall we stayed at FW and used the boat to go to the Contemporary for dinner at Chef Mickey's.
posted 03-11-01 03:59 PM

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take the boat.
yes there are seats,blanket if you want,there is a place to buy food.and no bugs.

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posted 03-11-01 10:22 PM

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check boat time
The launch to FW fro Contemporary is definitely the easiset, but chec return times. I think the launch stops running before the movie is over. You can always get a bus to TTC and then to Contemporary from there. You will love the campfire program. Our boys would rather do that then anything else in the World.

posted 03-13-01 01:58 AM

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thanks for all your informative replies.you folks are great!


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