8th trip to Disney World



Hello all! In May, I am going to Disney with a good friend of mine and her family. We're both 19, and have both been to Disney app. 8 times. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for what we should do. We like all of the parks pretty equally, with MK coming out on top. So, any suggestions for what we should concentrate on would be helpful. Thanks!

Remember the magic!! :)
Have you been to Cirque du Soleil at Downtown Disney? How about trying some restaurants you've managed to skip past all those other trips? Have you taken advantage of E-nights lately? How about sampling all the snacks from the the countries at World Showcase? If you're staying on one of the monorail resorts, how about renting a pontoon boat for a couple of hours and have lunch prepared and delivered to the boat? it's just a start--I'm sure others will have lots of ideas. How about it, folks?


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we've been about 8 times too, and we've found that it's nice because we don't rush around trying to cram everything into one day. We've seen everything and we have our favorites. Here are some things we just can't miss...
1. The "Mountains"
2 Hanuted Mansion
3. Pirates of the Carribean
4. Rock-n-Roller Coaster
5. Tower of Terror
6. Great Movie Ride
7. The Safari at AK
8. Space Ship Earth
9. Imagination
10.Water Parks

1. Beauty and the Beast
2. Lion King at AK
3. Fantasmic

We also love all the 3-D shows. We've rented boats, that was fun, Pleasure Island is fun, shopping at DD. Have you eaten at the Rain Forest Cafe, that's fun. We also do all the cahracter dinners, they're great. Maybe you could check out some of the resorts. I always say I'm going to, bu twe never find any time. I do plan to check out the new AKL. I was thinking about having their character dinner on our first night. Maybe try Disney Quest. I haven't done that yet. I heard it's pretty neat. Try E-Ride nights, see more shows and parades they really do send off a certain Disney Magic. I really enjoy sitting for a little bit.
If you are staying at a WDW resort, go resort hopping. Take the bus. All the resorts have great restaurants and shops. Take a monorail ride around the Lagoon. Stop at the Contemp, Grand Floridian, Poly, etc. visit a restaurant. Have a drink (soda in your case). Take a boat ride to one of the other resorts.
Do the same at Boardwalk. Dance at the Atlantic Club. Have dinner at one of the restaurants. Visit the Swan and Dolphin, play mini golf. Visit the Beach Club.
Do Downtown Disney, Pleasure Isle and the West Side. The movie theater is reasonably priced. Have a blast.


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