8/9 wonder trip report

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    Aug 24, 1999
    cast me dh,dw,dd(7),ds(4).
    arrived a day early and stayed at radisson.great 2 room suite with a really nice pool.really worth the money and went to florida seafood on 520 and had good meal.
    8/9 sailing day.got to terminal at 11.00 checkin was all of 2 minutes.saw that palos reservation wasn't until 1.30 so wasn't worried about being first in line to board.
    the line to board did not start until 12.00.thats right 12.00 o'clock.everytime someone got to go in line the disney people at the front of the line talked them back into sitting down.so we got to board about 12.20 and went to topsiders for a very good lunch.then went down stairs about 1.20 and got exactly what we wanted for palo's.
    from there we dropped our stuff off at room(5020)secrit port hole room.the room was really a good size for even us a family of 4.(having sailed twice before on the norway in 2 different size rooms was shocked at the size of theses)and there was only maybe 1 barrell that maybe blocked 6inches of the bottom of the window.what a steal it was to get this room.
    from there we went to the mickey pool and the kids loved it.dw had to go up with ds to talk the guard into letting him go down.he is 39 inches tall but 4 years old(small for his age)but can swim by himself and has no fear of the pool.so after the first time he was good to go for the rest of the cruise.
    next we got ready for sail away party and shuttle launch at 5.30(thats right we lucked out and were going to see the launch from the wonder)
    the sail away party was really fun.the kids loved dancing with mickey and goofy.
    but the only bummer of cruise happened at 5.15 when the launch was canceled.well maybe next year we can be lucky enough to see one.we had first seatting and our first night ap and had a table for 4.was kind of hoping to sit with another family but we had really good servers in steve and mark.
    after dinner took the kids to kids club and then went down to cadilac lounge and meet another couple from massachusetts and hit it off for the rest of the cruise.picked the kids up at 10 because we had a busy day and wanted to get ds to bed so we could have a full day ahead of us.
    day 2 had breakfast at topsiders and then went to mickey pool again.met couple number 2 from n.y. and made new friends.
    got kids lunch then they wanted to go to the club again so they went in about one and we went to nassua with our new n.y friends.walked around town and for a couple hours bought a watch for dw and had a drink or 2 and boarded around 4.
    tonight was palos night so what we did was go to parrot cay with kids and had a salad and then checked them in at 7.30 and went to palos with our n.y friends.we both had reservations that night them at 6 and us at 8.30.so we wnt to palos at 4 and talked to manager and was able to make it for 7.30 for a table for 4.
    palos was real good and very nice that time of night with sun setting.
    we were also able to meet up with our massachusetts friends there and all have desert together.
    went on deck and listened to deck party they were haveing until 11 and picked up kids from club.ds was asleep on mat while alladin was playing on big screen.
    day 3 castaway cay.got on the island with 2 kids around 9 oclock(let dw relax a little and not have to rush)and got great lounge chairs together for all of our new found friends.we rented a float(6dollars for day well worth it) and went swimming for a couple of hours then the kids wanted to go in the club again.checked them in just before lunch and they had lunch at the club and had a treasure hunt and played water games.
    lunch on the island was very good.i expected long lines but nothing at all.walked right up.they had tons of help on the island and people making sure there wasn't any lines and pointing you in the right direction.
    took ds back to the boat around 2 for nap and dw and dd went to disney dreams for 3.30 show on ship.they said it was well worth seeing it.
    night 3 was dinner at tritons and that was nice also.
    kids went into club again and were all geared up for there "party" at the club.went to club with 2 other couples to plan our 2002 cruise together.here we were kind of bumming that we didn't get to sit with another family at dinner because we wanted to meet people and we have our 2002 7 day cruise booked already with our new friends.
    we picked the kids up at club at midnight and they didn't want to leave.
    we had breakfast at topsiders around 7 the next morning and were able to to disembark around 7.45 and picked our luggage up at terminal in 2 minutes and cleared customs in 2 minutes and was back at the radisson by 8 picking up rent a car and was at disney by 8.45.
    the pros of the cruise
    kids club .i cannot say enough good things about how the club is run.the consolers were great with kids.they have alot of patinets with the kids.the security is perfect and i also like how they rotate the kids between the oceaneers lab and club and up at the sports deck and also had arts and crafts at topsiders.
    we have 2 very outgoing kids that never have a problems making friends so i wasn't really worried about if they would like the club.but i was amazed at how much they loved it and all the different things they had going on for the kids.
    another pro was the food.i was surprised at how good it was and how many different choices you had to choose from.
    another pro was everything was run smoothly.never a line,plenty of help to point you in the right directions.
    i haven't thought of one yet if i do i'll let you know.
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    Aug 15, 2000
    Thanks for posting your trip report on the Wonder. Sounds like you had a great trip! We'll also be in room 5020 in October. We can't wait! We hope to meet some new friends as you did. :)
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    Jan 27, 2001
    Thanks for posting. It makes me look forward to my cruise even more.

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