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  1. pigletproud

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    Nov 20, 2000
    My first trip report, please bare with me.

    Me,35, 4th trip to WDW from NJ
    Sister,32 4th trip. From KY used to live in Fl
    Brother-in-law, 35, same as sister above
    Nephew,4 3rd trip (doesn't remember previous trips)
    Niece,2&1/2(thinks she is 4 too) 1st trip
    Mary,my cuz, AP member from Fl,(2 months pregnant)
    Lance, Mary's husband, AP member from Fl

    May/2000 - planning begins.
    My sister & her family planned a trip from Kentucky to Fl to celebrate a friends 60th birthday in the Tampa area in August. On the way back,since they were driving, they decided to spend a few days in Disney and asked if I could meet them. Me, miss an opportunity to do Disney, well that would be unamerican, of course I say yes.
    Finding a hotel:
    I found great hotel deals by going to: www.floridakiss.com. Although we have been to WDW before, we have always found a place off-site that suited us. With 4 adults & 2 kids I knew we would need 2 rooms if not for anything else, 2 bathrooms.
    Luck was on my side. I was able to get 2 rooms at the Holiday Inn Maingate East for $45. a night per room.
    I booked my flight through Spirit Airlines from Atlantic City. I am right between the Philadelphia Airport and Atlantic City but traffic and parking is much easier to navigate in Atlantic City. Round trip ticket for $109.00. Of course I would get a good deal, who else in the world books a Florida trip in August. LOL
    August 23rd - traveling day
    I arrive in Orlando as scheduled and purchase my round trip tickets from Mears Shuttle. Within 20 minutes I'm on my was to the Holiday Inn. The mears driver was quite entertaining. He was a retired school teacher and worked for Disney for a while, then took the job as a driver for Mears. He had lots of Disney stories to tell. There were 7 people on the shuttle (including myself) and only 2 of us spoke English. There was a family of 5 that were Chinese. At first I thought they were American until the children (all under age 6) started talking. I noticed that they didn't participate in any of the conversation that the driver tried to include them in concerning Mickey Mouse. I really do admire those who travel from other countries and can navigate themselves so well. They were the first to get dropped off and I was the second.
    I thank the driver grab my one suitcase and in the lobby I go. I am admiring the Disney atmosphere in the hotel lobby as I wait in line. There are only 3 people in front of me and it is taking quite some time. It was about 5pm when I finally get my turn. I approached the counter and handed the woman my printed reservations and she begins looking through many papers. I knew at that very moment this was not a good sign.
    Apparently the computers were down and had been for most of the day. When they found my name the reservation was only made for 1 room not 2. GRRRR!
    I point out on my reservation/confirmation that it clearly says 2 rooms. She calls for the manager. The manager (a man) tells me he can only give me 1 room because that is all the information he can find and the hotel is booked solid. I understand computers can ruin anybodys day especially if you depend on it to run a business, however it was his bad day not mine. It wasn't what he said, it was how he spoke to me with a tough luck, take it or leave it attitude that got my mickey ears spinning. Now I don't know about the rest of you, but when my mickey ears spin, something happens to my mouth that causes a tongue lashing.
    It just amazes me how fast a hotel can come up with 2 adjoining rooms in a booked solid situation. Afterall, I had a confirmation number in bold print! The older gentleman behind me in line smiled from ear to ear when I was finished. I did tip the girl behind the desk because I felt sorry for her afterall she had to work with that pompus man and I knew the rest of her day was probably not going to be good.
    I made it to the rooms by 6;10pm. I was very happy with the rooms there. Spacious & clean and the location was in a quiet area. I unpacked & ironed until my sister & family arrived which they did at 7;45pm. My nephew is happy to see me and won't leave my side. My niece is always shy at first but warms up quick. I haven't seen them since Feb. We unpack their van and head over to the hotel resturant for dinner. The kids realy liked it there, they have a kids area with a tv and picnic tables. The food was o.k. for the price. 3 adults $32.00 kids eat free.
    After we ate we walked back over at check in. Kids have a seperate check in desk and I wanted to register them. You have to know they saw me coming (lol) and gave my nephew and niece immediate attention. After they checked in they received a goodie bag. They were happy campers!
    Then it was back to the room and time to make arrangements to meet Mary & Lance the next day. We were in bed by 11;30pm with visions of Mickey in our heads.
    Part 2 soon to come!
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    Aug 18, 1999
    Welcome to the Dis, PigletProud![​IMG] Thanks for the great tips. I'm sure it was interesting hearing stories from the Mears driver. Glad you got your rooms and are ready to settle down for some rest.

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    May 15, 2000
    Thanks for posting!! Good thing you stood your ground about the rooms...thank goodness for printers! lol...Can't wait to read the rest!! :)

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    Sep 5, 1999
    My next step would have been the manager. I agree that if you have the documentation computer or no computer they have to honor it. Glad it turned out for you can't wait to read more.

  5. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Lol at the spinning Mickey ears. My "ears" would have been spinning too. I always carry all my papers too. Thanks for posting!

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