8/23-8/27-Last trip-Day 1 Epcot/first aid

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    Nov 20, 2000
    Me,35, 4th trip to WDW from NJ
    Sister,32 4th trip. From KY used to live in Fl
    Brother-in-law, 35, same as sister above
    Nephew,4 3rd trip (doesn't remember previous trips)
    Niece,2&1/2(thinks she is 4 too) 1st trip
    Mary,my cuz, AP member from Fl,(2 months pregnant)
    Lance, Mary's husband, AP member from Fl

    Thursday 8/24/00
    Lance traveled from Tampa and arrive in time for breakfast at 8am. Mary would join us later. She opted to take Friday off from work and stay with us until Saturday. We decide to eat at the hotel resturant again to save time. 4 adults at the buffet was $36.00 kids ate free again.
    Since this is the only day we have with Lance we let him pick the park, so it was off to Epcot. I am thrilled since it is my favorite.
    We get there at 9;30 and it is already 89 degrees and you could cut the humidity with a knife. We are pleased by the low crowds. We bought our 4 day hoppers even though we will be there for 3 days. It gives us hope to return. LOL Rent a double stroller and we are off to Spaceship Earth.
    This would be where I have some of the best "kid" stories. We walked right on, no wait! My nephew rides with me. You never think a 4 year old listens to the speakers until they start talking. As we get to the crown of SE and the cars turn around, he gets on his knees, puts his little arm around my neck, as he is viewing earth & stars and whispers in my ear "How are we going to get back". How do you explain to a 4 year old that we never actually left earth? LOL We exit to the Global Neighborhood and my niece begins to tiptoe on the glass-like floor following the line underneath. She was afraid to step off thinking it would break! We all just kind of stood back and watched her. After we entertained ourselves we begin to exit, at which time my niece throws a fit from nowhere. Both kids thought that SE was Epcot and we were leaving. LOL
    We start over to Honey I shrunk the Audience and Lance runs to get us FP's for TT. He meets us as we were walking right into the pre-show. Again, no real wait other than that. This is one of our very favorite attractions in Epcot. My nephew did this before but he was too young for it and we didn't let him wear the glasses, so this would be a first for him and his sister. I am glad I had the experience before so I know when to shut my eyes. There is something about a snake with a head bigger than mine that makes me squimmish. As we leave the attraction my sister asks my newphew if he liked it. His response came out somewhat annoyed. He said "That dog sneezed all over me". We explained that it happened to all of us and then he laughed.
    Time for a water break and backpack snacks! We found a shaded spot to drink from our once frozen water bottles and people watched for about 20 minutes. We head over to Journey and realize that my niece had fallen asleep so my sis went back to the shade and we continued. I know that some of you think that this attraction is disappointing but I have to say we loved it. But in all fairness, I don't remember the old version. We had great fun in "What if Labs". On the way out I discovered the crystal cubes! I immediately thought of my mother who said not to bring a t-shirt home for her. We decide to come back later so my sis could see them and have both kids awake for a picture.
    We then go to The Land. We enjoy the the Living w/Land boat ride. Again, no wait. Then to Cirle of Life. The theater wasn't even half full. I was shocked at both instances. These are things we always had to wait for.
    It is now 1;30 and time to use FP for TT. Sis and I go first. Wait time in FP lane was at least 15 minutes. I'm in line and suddenly start to feel overheated even in the air conditioning. I am not sure why. We ride the ride & love it! When we get off the ride Lance looks at me and says "you are white as a ghost". I really just felt like I had to sit down, which I did. By the time they came back, Epcot was looking fuzzy to me and I could not get rid of the nauseousness. The walk from TT to First Aid seemed like a 100 miles as I shuffled there on Lance's arm. Several CM's asked if I wanted a wheelchair,I refused thinking I could walk it off. By the time I got there I could barely keep my head up. The diagnosis was heat exhaustion & dehydration. Apparently not drinking enough water will do this!
    I can't tell you what great service I got. The men and women that work in First Aid are 1st rate in my opinion. Lance sat in the back with me while the rest stayed in the front lobby. Lance and I decided I would stay behind while the rest went for lunch. If I didn't feel better by the time they returned, I would go back to the hotel. This upset my nephew a great deal when Lance told them I would stay. The nurses were wonderful with both kids. They allowed him to come back to make sure I was O.K. and to promise him I would see him after lunch. He happily came to get me with a plain burger in hand at my request. Trust me, food was the last thing on my list, but I figured giving him a job to help me feel better made him feel important. After the trip I did write Disney a letter of appreciation because that whole experience was a 1st for me.
    After lunch we leave first aid. I am about 90% back to normal. Lance really wanted to share Buzz at MK with my niece & nephew and since we only had this day with him, we hit the monorail. I figured I wasn't good for much and walking around and taking it easy would be best. It was 5pm when we got there to get a FP. They guys did Space mountian, sis, myself and the kids do TTA. Then it was time for Buzz, which would become the kids all time favorite memory. I think as an adult I enjoyed it every bit as much! When we were done we had just enough time to meet Mary at the Epcot entrance at 7;30. I am thrilled to see her. The last time I saw her was when she & Lance got married the previous October. We ride SE again, had snaks for dinner, and stop by the ice station cool. I tired 3 different soda's and decided to stick with my water. The kids were funny. All I could hear was my niece saying YUCK!
    Then over to the showcase for illuminations and like everyone else, we left. Since dinner was a few snacks we stopped at Dennys it was about 10;45. The kids just engulfed Mary with stories of the day. It amazed me what they remember.
    Back at the hotel we are sad to say goodbye to Lance. The kids were asleep before we had a chance to change. It was at this time sis tells us we have ressies for the Crystal Palace at 10am the next morning. She kept it a secret because she was afraid we would slip in front of the kids and it was a suprise. Who the heck was she kidding? Mary and I tell her we will stay behind in the morning & we'll meet them for lunch.
    We are off to bed at 2am after a wonderful day. Guess what doesn't happen? LOL will continue tomorrow.
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    Thanks for posting...Snakes make me feel "squimish" too! lol....

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    I cn't stand snakes - that's the worst thing about the Honey ride. Thanks for posting!

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