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  1. HappyMomof4

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    May 14, 2007
    Me, DH, DS11, DD8, DS6, and DS3 just returned from a wonderful week at Disney! We were on the dining plan and LOVED it!! I didn't get any pictures of the food but I will provide in depth reviews of the meals we enjoyed.

    Day 1
    Epcot - Sunshine Seasons

    Me & DH - Turkey and Cheese on Foccacia
    DH - Strawberry Shortcake
    Me - Creme Brulee

    The sandwich was very good. The bread had great flavor and very fresh. There was a lot of sandwich here, though, me and DH could have easily shared. DH enjoyed the shortcake (nice and light) but, I have to say, the creme brulee was the best I have tasted in Disney. Much better than in France (in Epcot, of course).

    DS11, DD8, DS6, and DS3 - Rotisserie Chicken Leg with mashed potatoes
    DS11 - Ice Cream Cone
    DD8 - Worms in Dirt

    Kids ate most of their food so I guess that means they liked it.

    MGM Studios
    Backlot Express

    DH - Double Cheeseburger with fries
    Me - Grilled Vegetable Sandwich with bean salad
    DS11 and DD8 - Cheeseburger with fries (they shared this)
    DS6 and DS3 - Chicken Fingers with fries (they shared this)
    Dessert - Choices were No sugar added Parfait or marble cheesecake

    This was not one of our favorite meals. The food was really not great. My problem with it is that you can only order a double cheeseburger on the adult menu and it is just way too much food. On the other hand, I ordered the kids an adult chicken finger meal and there was plenty to share. My grilled vegetable sandwich was good and the bean salad was spicy and good. If you do not like spicy food I would stay away from the bean salad because it was pretty spicy. I think my meal was probably the best one. The cheeseburgers were so/so and the toppings are very limited (no pickles, no onion). The desserts weren't very good either. The parfait is a little strange because it has these weird bluish things on top. We couldn't decide what exactly they were, maybe petrified blueberries?

    Will post Day 2 tomorrow. Thanks - hope this is helpful.
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    Jan 14, 2003
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  4. lajones81

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    Feb 18, 2005
    Great reviews! I can't wait to read more! :)
  5. Panlow

    Panlow Earning My Ears

    Jun 8, 2007
    Sounds Good :)
  6. HappyMomof4

    HappyMomof4 Earning My Ears

    May 14, 2007
    Chef Mickey's

    For those of you who might not know this is a buffet with characters. This is a fun place to go and the characters are in abundance here. We saw Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy. The food is great. I love the Mickey waffles. They are like a belgium waffle and especially good with strawberries and whipped cream!! And you have to check out the baked goods; muffins, pastries, rice krispy treats, etc.

    Next we went to Magic Kingdom:

    We used a snack credit for a Dole Whip float at Aloha Isle. We loved this because it is very cool and refreshing. It is a good value as a snack credit since this costs $3.99. Also this is a healthy snack because it is pineapple juice and dole whip.

    Crystal Palace

    Okay, I can't say enough about this place!! Everything about Crystal Palace is wonderful from the food to the decor to the Pooh characters. This restaurant is beautiful inside with its open atmosphere and lots of windows that provide a lot of Florida sunshine. Now, for the food, my DH and I believe they have some of the best food in Disney. The prime rib was a little rare during our last visit but everything else made up for this fact. The mushroom pasta is noteworthy (almost like an alfredo, very good) and the spoonbread has a little spice to it but very good also. On the cold side, the southwest chicken salad is good and they have a lot of fresh fruit which my kids love (apple slices, grapes, etc.). Now for the best part, DESSERT!! Our favorite dessert of all time is here. Coconut flan. Creamy, smooth, and sweet. You have got to try this one.

    Sorry this is so long but I tend to gush when it comes to Crystal Palace.
  7. HappyMomof4

    HappyMomof4 Earning My Ears

    May 14, 2007
    Food and Fun Center - Contemporary Resort

    I used 3 snack credits here on two fruit bowls and a yogurt parfait. The fruit is very good, a combo of grapes, canteloupe, and honeydew. You can also use this as a dessert with a meal instead of getting something unhealthy. It is a good portion size and one bowl fed three of my kids. The yogurt parfait was nasty in my opinion. The yogurt is plain yogurt which I have never liked and the granola is a little soft for my liking and there is no fruit in it.

    I also went to the gift shop in the Cont. Resort and used 2 snack credits on a box of chocolate donuts and a box of donut holes. These were great for a quick breakfast and I didn't feel so guilty because I paired it with fruit.


    For some reason we all decided to eat at different places for lunch - so here it goes.

    Me - Norway (Kringla Bakery)
    Black Forest Ham and Cheese Open Face Sandwich
    Leek and Cheese Soup
    Rice Cream

    The sandwich was okay - just tasted like a plain old ham and cheese. The soup of really good but a little hard to eat on a hot day. The best part of my entire meal was dessert, of course. If you can't tell by now I am a big lover of sweets. The rice cream is rice pudding on bottom and strawberry sauce with sliced strawberries on top. Very good! This is a great deal for a counter service meal because the meal is $9.99 and with the drink it is about $12.50.

    DH - Germany (Sommerfest)
    Bratwurst with saurerkraut and roll
    Apple strudel

    DH really liked the sausage and kraut and roll. The strudel was a puff pastry with sliced apples (still a little crunchy) and a sauce on top. He liked everything except the sauce. I didn't care for it since the apples weren't soft.

    DD8, DS6, DS3 - Liberty Inn (US)
    1 Adult Chicken Finger Meal with fries

    Again, plenty of food for all three of my kids. There are three large chicken fingers with fries. I purchased an extra drink and we still had food left over. I don't want to promote the fact that Disney doesn't distinquish between adult and children counter service meals but it really allowed us to stretch our counter service meals.

    DS11 - Japan (counter service - can't remember the name of place)
    Teriyaki Chicken meal with rice

    DS loved this and ate all of it.

    Kaki Gori

    1 snack credit. These are great. I have had italian ice before and these are much better. We had a rainbow with three different flavors. Only negative is that the colors are bright and stain clothing.

    Coral Reef

    Another one of our favorite meals. I was a little worried with the bad reviews that they have received but I am so glad we ignored them. The restaurant is beautiful and we were lucky enough to get a table right next to the aquarium wall. The kids enjoyed it because there were divers who would wave to us and gesture at our food like they wanted a bite. It was very entertaining. I think the trick for this restaurant is to order the right things.

    Me, DH and DS11
    Lobster Bisque (DH)
    Land and Sea (Me)
    Ceasar salad (DS11)
    Steak with potatoes au gratin and broccolini
    Citrus creme brulee with berries
    Make your own sundae (DS11)

    Appetizer were very good. DH said soup was excellent. I had the land and sea which was some kind of barbecue beef kabobs over polenta and shrimp kabobs. I think the beef with polenta was my favorite. DS11 didn't really eat his salad (first time having Ceasar). The steak was great and the potatoes were just cheesy enough without being overpowering. The broccolini was cooked perfectly. Again, plenty of food. Me and DH could have easily shared a meal. We threw out about 1/2 of our steaks. My least favorite thing was the dessert. It was a little weird. My first clue should have been that it was citrus which typically I like but the combination was just too different. My DH loved everything about his meal and his dessert. He said it was his second favorite dessert after the coconut flan from Crystal Palace, of course. DS11 loved his make your own sundae - always fun to assemble your own dessert.

    DD8 - Lobster Bisque
    Mahi Mahi with baked potato
    Make your own sundae

    She loved the soup which surprised me. She did not like the fish so I gave her some of my steak.

    DD6 - I think he had chicken fingers
    He wasn't sitting with me so I can't remember exactly what he had. We were traveling with a pretty big group (11 people) but I am only logging in what my family ate.

    Someone in our party had the cheesecake for dessert and it looked great! I will have to try that next time.
  8. MelanieC

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    Sep 28, 1999
    Great reviews! We are trying Crystal palace and Coral Reef this year - Can't wait!
  9. DisneyJo

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    Oct 22, 2006
    Great reviews can't wait for more popcorn::
  10. Schucraig

    Schucraig Disney World is my World!

    Jan 30, 2004
    Great reviews! Keep them coming!:thumbsup2
  11. HappyMomof4

    HappyMomof4 Earning My Ears

    May 14, 2007
    Magic Kingdom
    Breakfast - Cinderella's Royal Table

    This preplated all-you-care-to-eat breakfast is pretty good but I think it is overrated. The food was good and it is always great to be in the castle. However, I am not sure it was worth two table service credits and will probably not return for the breakfast. I think we would probably do Restaurant Akershus Princess breakfast next time. The biggest plus is that you get to meet all the princesses without a wait. We met Snow White, Jasmine, Fairy Godmother, Belle and Cinderella was in the lobby for pictures. We didn't get to have Cinderella come to our table because I guess she was still getting pictures in the lobby. We have done dinner in the castle before and I think it is a much better value and the food was great. I also felt a little rushed and my DH didn't realize it was all-you-care-to-eat so he didn't get a second plate. You have two choices of a traditional breakfast (eggs, hashbrowns, mickey waffle, bacon, sausage, etc.) or a healthy option (yogurt, carmelized bananas, fruit, etc.). I wanted the healthy option but ended up with a traditional. The waitor said he would bring me a healthy breakfast but must have forgotten so I ate the one I had. It was good but a little heavy for me. When you first sit down they bring out a basket of pastries (muffin, cinnamon rolls, biscotti) and a nice glass full of fruit (strawberries, honeydew, canteloupe, grapes, kiwi, mango). It was my DD8 birthday breakfast so I know she enjoyed it and they did bring her a cupcake with a candle (per our request).

    Snack -
    Me and DD8 used 1 snack credit at the Main St. Bakery for an ice cream cookie sandwich. You get to choose the cookie you want. It was huge and plenty for us to share.

    Food and Fun Center

    Unfortunately, it rained most of the day and we didn't get to spend much time at MK. We ended up at the hotel for most of the afternoon and evening (nice time to rest actually).

    Me - Grilled Chicken, Bacon, and Cheese Sandwich with fries
    Key Lime Pie

    This sandwich is great and I actually had it again on our last day. The best part is that I found some honey dijon mustard sauce (probably for chicken nuggets) and that just made the sandwich. The pie is very good too (typical of key lime pie).

    DH - Coney dog with fries
    Cheesecake with strawberry topping

    He enjoyed this but seemed to wish later that he wouldn't have had something so heavy. The cheesecake was really good (I had a taste) and one of the better desserts offered by the hotel.

    DS11 - Cheeseburger with fries
    Carrot Cake

    He loved everything here especially the carrot cake.

    DD8, DS6, and DS3 - Chicken Fingers with fries
    Fruit Bowl

    Again, plenty of food for all three of my kiddies to share. I think they lived on chicken fingers during our entire trip.
  12. rentayenta

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    Feb 28, 2007
    :thanks: Great report! We will be trying the Coral Reef and CM too!
  13. wilma-bride

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    Jul 13, 2005
    Great reviews - thanks :)
  14. HappyMomof4

    HappyMomof4 Earning My Ears

    May 14, 2007
    Animal Kingdom
    Breakfast - Rainforest Cafe

    We didn't have ADR's for this and walked right in. We paid OOP for this one. The decor is awesome and very entertaining for the kids. It was a little loud but that was okay since my 3 yr. old was crying a lot of the time, lol.

    Me - Tonga Toast

    Very good but rich. I ate about half of it. It almost felt like eating dessert for breakfast but it was worth every calorie.

    DH - Breakfast of the Bandits
    (eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, muffin, fruit)

    DH loved this and ate all of it. Very filling.

    DS11, DS6, DS3 - Waffle

    This looked like a belgium waffle and had whipped cream on it. It was HUGE!! I probably could have fed all three of them with just one.

    DD8 - Oatmeal with fruit

    I know - who comes to WDW and orders oatmeal but she liked it and ate most of it.

    Flame Tree Barbecue

    Pork Barbecue Sandwich with baked beans
    Onion Rings
    Fruit plate with honey yogurt
    Chocolate Cake

    Me and DH shared all of this. The sandwich was awesome (needed some BBQ sauce which is at the condiment table), beans were good. DH loved the battered onion rings (tasted homemade). The fruit was good but again the yogurt was plain yogurt which I think is just nasty. It didn't taste like it had any honey in it to me. The desserts offered here are much like what a lot of the CS places offer. They look like what you would get at the local gas station.

    California Grill

    Me and DH celebrated our 17th anniversary here. It was perfect from our table next to the window with a great view of MK to the food and then to the fireworks.

    Me -
    Cheese Plate
    Pork Tenderloin with Goat Cheese Polenta

    The cheese plate was five different kinds of cheese with dried fruit, nuts, chutney, etc. Most of them were good. There were a couple that we did not like at all. I know this will sound funny since I ordered goat cheese polenta but I don't like goat cheese. Anyway the two cheeses we didn't like were goat and sheep's milk cheese. My entree was excellent. Be warned that the pork tenderloin comes medium rare. Our waiter was nice enough to tell me when I ordered, so I ordered it med. well. It was very good and surprisingly I liked the polenta.

    DH -
    California Roll Sushi
    Oak Fired Filet
    Mashed Potatoes (I forget the fancy name)

    This was all very good. We enjoyed the sushi but beware for those who are first timers, the green stuff is wasabi (VERY SPICY HOT) and the pink stuff is some kind of ginger. The filet was so good, I wish I would have ordered it. A lot of food for the two of us and we could not eat it all.

    I can't exactly remember the name of what we had for dessert. I know my DH had some kind of layered banana thing that was really good. I had some kind of passion fruit gelee over some kind of creamy coconut custard. It was very good too, although I didn't care for the passion fruit jello top (it was pretty tart) but the creme was really good. The best part was that they put a chocolate message on that said "Congratulations" for our anniversary. They were out of the anniversary ones.

    This restaurant is great. The view, the fireworks, the food, and our waiter was wonderful.

    Meanwhile, while me and DH enjoyed California Grill, our children were with other family at O'hana.

    From what I heard it was great. My DD8, DS6, and DS3 ate a lot of shrimp. But that is about all I can tell you. My DD8 enjoyed the hula lesson and they all brought home leis (I don't know how to spell that).
  15. candykisses

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    Jan 25, 2001
    Thanks for taking the time to post. We enjoy the Crystal Palace. I don't think we've ever had a bad meal there.

    We've been to CRT twice and I don't think well return. It was nice to do, but my family would rather go to the Princess breakfast, then see Cinderella at 1900 Park Fare for dinner.
  16. HappyMomof4

    HappyMomof4 Earning My Ears

    May 14, 2007
    MGM Studios
    Breakfast - ABC Commissary

    DH - Scrambled Eggs Platter
    Eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, and a biscuit

    Plenty of food and pretty good for a CS breakfast. You get two slices of bacon and two pieces of sausage and my DH shared the extra with our kids.

    Me - Yogurt and granola with a muffin

    You think I would have learned by now that they only serve plain yogurt at WDW but I guess I am a glutton for punishment. This was at least the best of all the yogurt I had. The muffin was very fresh and delicious.

    DS11 - Pancake Platter with bacon and sausage and hashbrowns.

    Again, good breakfast for CS. Lots of food - good value.

    DD8, DS6, and DS3 - Pancake Platter with bacon and sausage

    Each kid had a big pancake, a slice of bacon and a piece of sausage along with some hashbrowns. This is the adult size meal and came with two slices of bacon and two pieces of sausage and my husband shared a piece of each of his. They really liked everything here.

    Lunch - Studio Catering Company (Flatbread Grill)

    Me - Grilled Chicken with beans and rice
    Marble cheesecake

    The chicken was okay - a little dry. The beans and rice were good. I am so sick of cheesecake. I wish the CS restaurants would offer more fruit as a option for dessert.

    DH - Pork Barbecue Sandwich with apple slices
    Chocolate Cake

    Sandwich was big and very good. Enjoyed the apple slices as a side instead of chips. Dessert was the same we have endured all week. Please give us some fruit or at least a mickey rice krispie treat.

    We shared some of our lunch with the kids. They were not very hungry - it was pretty hot that day.

    Late Dinner - Food and Fun Center

    DS11 - Cheeseburger with fries
    Carrot Cake

    This was his meal of choice everytime we ate here.

    DD8, DS6, and DS3 - Adult size Chicken Fingers with fries
    Fruit Salad

    Again, the meal of choice for this group.

    Me - Grilled Chicken, bacon, and cheese with fries
    Mickey rice krispie treat

    My favorite sandwich here with the honey dijon mustard it is awesome.

    DH - Cheeseburger with fries
    Mickey rice krispie treat

    Can't really mess up a cheeseburger - well, I guess unless you are at Backlot Express.
  17. HappyMomof4

    HappyMomof4 Earning My Ears

    May 14, 2007
    Magic Kingdom
    Breakfast - Main St. Bakery

    Me - Bagel with cream cheese
    Bottled strawberry/banana smoothie
    DH - Egg, cheese, ham croissant
    Cheese Danish
    DS11 - Frosted flakes with milk
    DD8, DS6, and DS3 - Krispie creme donuts

    Not the healthiest breakfast but it was good. My bagel was fresh and you can toast it yourself. The smoothie was really good. DH said croissant and cheese danish were great.

    Lunch - Main St. Bakery

    Me - Turkey, Cranberry, and Brie sandwich
    Key Lime Cheesecake with strawberry sauce
    Bottled mango smoothie

    This was my favorite CS meal of all. The sandwich was so good and filling. I could only eat half. The cheesecake was great and the sauce tasted fresh. I love the bottled smoothie drinks - refreshing.

    DH - Lunching Pad
    Giant Turkey Leg

    Always a classic. Couldn't leave WDW without enjoying this treat.

    Well, that is it for my review. I hope I didn't ramble on too much - I know I tend to do that especially when it comes to food. Overall, I think my favorite two TS meals were at the Crystal Palace and Coral Reef. My favorite two CS meals were at the Main St. Bakery and Sunshine Season at Epcot. My favorite signature TS meal was California Grill.

    Thanks for reading.
  18. DisneyJo

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    Oct 22, 2006
    Great reviews sounded like you had a great trip!
  19. Busymom85

    Busymom85 Mouseketeer

    Mar 25, 2007
    Thanks for the great reviews. I hadn't heard one for the Main
    St. Bakery. I will have to look into it. It sounded great.

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