7-Day Universal trip, days 1-3



Sorry this report won’t be very detailed. It happened last June and I just now got around to typing it up. Hope it’s not too long either.
Me-13 (12 at the time)
Mom &Dad- Early forty-somethings
1st Day
Nice flights down, had about 2 hour layover in Charlotte so ate breakfast at Burger King. Arrived at MCO about 10:00 a.m., picked up bags and got on Alamo shuttle. Terrible wait at car rental, but used time to find maps to hotel. Pleasant drive to PBH. Arrived and found out that they were “reconfiguring” concierge service for several weeks, so we got upgraded to a butler villa (how lucky)! Very pleased with room, nice bay view. Unpacked and parents rested for several hours while I watched impatiently watched Dr. Doom, Incredible Hulk and Dueling Dragons :D. Finally left for IOA. Very pleased with boat service as well. Drivers were very knowledgeable and funny. Arrived at IOA and headed directly for Hulk. Continued clockwise around the park riding only Dr. Doom, and simply familiarizing ourselves with the park. When we made it back to Port of Entry, Dad said he wasn’t feeling well and left for hotel. Mom and me went back to Toon Lagoon and rode Popeye and Bluto’s with about a 40 minute wait and Ripsaw with about a 5 minute. We then left and got ready to go eat. Ate at Mama Della’s. Excellent food in a relaxed atmosphere. I had spinach-cheese tortellini in pesto. Parents should some kind of penne. Very large portions. 2-3 could easily share one plate. Headed back to the room and pleased to find chocolates on the pillows. Butler later came by and said if we wanted anything just ask. So we asked for some orange juice and bagels and fruit in the morning, and were very surprised when he said we could get it for free. The rest of the trip runs together, but I’ll try to explain it as best as I can.
2nd Day
Had cat-in-the-hat wake us up, nice touch. Breakfast was good, but simple. Headed to IOA to take advantage of early entry. Sneaked by photo takers in POA. Headed to Marvel and rode Spiderman with maybe 2 minute wait. By the time we got off it was 20 so we showed the attendants room card and were led up the exit. At this time the express was only until 12, so we used it on everything. Rode Dr. Doom several times. Disappointed when I found out we couldn’t get the front of Hulk using room key, so got in normal line to ride in the front. Headed on over to Toon Lagoon. Rode Ripsaw 3 times in a row with less than a minute wait each time. Popeye’s line was also very short, so we rode it while in the area. Rode Jurassic Park, didn’t like it very much. Final scene too noisy. Stopped by Discovery Center for a break. Hopped on over to Lost Continent. Rode Dueling Dragons each several times. Very short waits the whole visit. Pleasant surprise. Bypassed Poseidon’s Fury for now. Rode Cat in the hat, loved it. Decided to leave and go get ready to eat. Rested at room for several minutes. Called butler and asked if we could have some chocolates when we got back (more about that later J) Left for Bahama Breeze about 4. Waited about 45 minutes. Food was excellent, had jerk chicken. Left and went to Sea World. We had 7 day hoppers for IOA, USF, SW, and Wet’n’Wild. Walked back to Journey to Atlantis, about an hour wait, but I had my heart set on doing it. The time seemed to pass very quickly. I love how the queue is set up where you can see part of the ride. Very good ride, with a nice surprise. The lady in front of us had a small child, maybe about 4. She hated it. Came off screaming. Disappointed to see that there was no one at the kraken entrance, and someone’s children were messing with the wait times. The line looked long anyway, so we didn’t ride. Getting dark now, so we left and went back to the hotel. Loved the chocolates (brought cordials too, didn’t try them J). It was a chocolate box with a nice assortment of chocolate inside (I think there were 8 or 12). Called butler and asked for breakfast again.
3rd Day
Early Entry for Universal, so we headed over there. Went straight to… Hanna-Barbera!! Used the express line and found it was longer than the normal line L. Don’t know how that happened. Then headed back to BTTF. Waited in the normal line, about 10 minutes. Very nice ride, but was a little too rough for me. Found the line for MIB was already 40 minutes, so we used the room key. Nice ride. We then backtracked to the entrance and headed for twister. Short wait, so just used the regular line. Great ride, my favorite at USF. Loved how the anticipation builds up until the final show scene. I must admit that the flying cow was a little corny :D. Went and did Kong and Earthquake. Marginal thrills, although the 2nd preshow in Earthquake was a funny surprise. Stopped and watched Blue’s Brothers. Headed on over to Jaws. Long wait, but we couldn’t find an attendant to take us to the front of the line. Finally found someone about halfway through the line. Got put in the back row. Ride was fun, but outdated. We then walked over and out the Hard Rock entrance to eat lunch. I was surprised at how crowded it was. Food was good, but not great. Headed back to the room for a break and then headed for Wet’n’Wild. I’ll just summarize the rides because I don’t remember what order we did them in. Hydro Fighters- I’ve seen these at other parks, but always for an additional charge. They were very fun, but had almost too long of a wait. Mach IV, or something like that- Interesting concept. Raging Rapids- My vote to the best attraction in the park. Very interesting concept, but I found myself getting in the line again and again. Fuji Flyer- Very fun ride until the end. I was riding in the front, with my Mom in the middle. When we hit the water at the end. My part of the raft bounced down, while the middle popped up. As the raft returned to level, my mom’s jaw hit my shoulder. She said it felt like it was dislocated, so we watched some of the other rafts for several minutes and discovered that almost all rafts were doing this, and many people were coming off with minimal injuries. The Surge- My mom skipped this one, just an ok ride. The black hole- Mom skipped this one too, once again just an ok ride. Bomb Bay- I was the only one who went on this one, hurt my back very badly. Bubba Tub- Second best attraction in the park, IMO.
We got dressed at the park, and headed back to the hotel. Got room service to bring us some soup, and went to bed.
Day’s 4-7 will be posted soon, as well as my votes for the best attractions.

CBR-May 93
DL-June 96
PBH-June 00
BC/HRH-July 01
I am impressed with you details even after 9 months! Can you remember if dinner at Mama's took forever? I thinking we will eat dinner here and then head back to USF unless it takes to much time.
I'm not familiar with the Cat in the Hat providing a wake-up call. What happens? Is it a phone call or does he knock on the door? Sorry I am out of the loop on this one. Is it something you arrange ahead of time?

Hard Rock Hotel 4/01
Wyndham Palace 7/00
Port Orleans & DCL 12/00
Disneyland Paris 4/99
AllStar Sports 2/98
DisorBust-Mama's didn't take long at all. Just make sure you have a reservation because there was a fairly long line.
Ariel's Mom-The Cat-in-the-Hat wake up call was over the phone, just a recording. You make the arrangements the night before, just tell them what time you want. I know they had four or five, I can only remember Spiderman and Olive (I think), in addition to Cat.

<font color=#0000FF><font face=Book Antiqua><marquee direction=left>CBR-May 93</marquee></font></font>
<font color=#8B4513><font face=Book Antiquee><marquee direction=right>DL-June 96</marquee></font></font>
<font color=#FF0000><font face=Book Antiqua><marquee direction=left>PBH-June 00</marquee></font></font>
<font color=#556B2F><font face=Book Antiqua><marquee direction=right>BC/HRH-July 01</marquee></font></font>

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