$5/week vacation stock-up challenge


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Mar 5, 2007
Wondering if anyone wanted to join me!

As I've been reading thru the threads on the DIS, I've started a list of "must-have" little things that we'll need for our trip. You know the stuff- Moleskin and light-up necklaces and water bottles- that everyone recommends you take with you. I'm getting quite a list going and it looks like if I went and bought it all at once it would be a chunk of money.

So. We have a little less than a year. My plan is to spend an extra $5 a week during my regular shopping to buy a thing or two on the list.

My rules:
Obviously, it must be stuff that can keep until next summer-- I will also stock snack food and stuff later on but for now it has to be things that don't "expire"
Copies of Oprah magazine don't count, even if she has a Disney article :rolleyes1
I'm not going to stick really strictly to the $5 limit, but the idea is to just buy all those small things that add up over time, the big expenses will come from our vacation budget
It doesn't have to be specifically Disney Trip stuff, it can be general vacation items that we can use over and over

I am also running, at the same time, $5 a week for our camper. We just became the owners of a new-to-us 22' Coachman, and of course all the drawers are empty. We have some things we can use, like I have a set of picnic-dishes that can go in there. But there are things we need to buy for that too, but they will be mostly one-time purchases to get us set up.

I started today, so Week One, first purchase, was a fanny pack for me. $4.74. It's taken me a while to find one I liked, and that was the right size. I need to have DS's inhaler and spacer tube with me, plus a little room for my personal stuff, so I can't have a really small one. And this one was pink. ;)

Anyone want to join in?

I'll join you. We are going in November.:goodvibes I also have a running list of stuff that I need to get. And I forgot about the light up necklaces!!!

Should we make a list or just make our weekly reports?

I also started a thread for "Budget Ideas for WDW trip in nov '07"

I still think Oprah Magazine should count:rolleyes1
When we bought our camper last year I went to the dollar tree and stocked it up..I got cleaning supplies, hand towels, utensils, plates, plastic cups, napkins, toothpicks, etc. etc. etc. all for about $35.00....they have LOTS of stuff there. We will be in that camper in 3 days for 8 nights and this will be our longest trip in it yet. I say this trip will determine if the camper stays or goes. LOL I love my family, but I am not sure I can handle them that close to me for 8 nights..:rotfl2:
I would like to join. Even if I do not need to stock up much for our Nov trip. I would still like to put away 5 per week. also do not forget to stock up on freebees, like laundry soap (if you do wash). I will start Monday

That sounds fun! We do not need to stock our popup, but we are going to FL/WDW for 1-2 weeks in December. It'll be darker, we'll need more glo sticks. :)
TinkerBean, there is a great thread over in Tips called something like "things I wish I would have known". Has lots and lots of suggestions, that's where most of my list came from, but I can post what I have so far if you want.

Oh yeah, Dollar Tree. I love it, take the kids there all the time because it's so cheap and you don't have to do much math. I can get 5 things! Hoohoo!


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