5 Day USF/IOA vacation -- Day 1


Earning My Ears
Dec 7, 2000
This was our first trip to Unisversal and the group consisted of 2 adults (myself and a sorority sister/friend of mine) and our 2 kids (my 13 year old son and her 11 year old daughter). Well, we got to the Orlando Airport around 2. Our flight had been delayed almost 30 minutes, so I was a little worried that the transportation that had been arranged wouldn't be there. However, he was right there at the baggage claim area as promised with a sign in hand letting the world know that he was waiting on us. He quickly helped us with our bags out to the van. In the past I've used Mears transportation, but this service (Quick Transportation) was a lot better. The driver was friendly, cheerful and provided a lot of information during our drive to the hotel. I expect that I will use them again the next time I go to Orlando.

When we got to the hotel, we were immediately greeted . Check-in was a breeze. My friend's daughter got the nice little leopard skin bag with the shades and other items. I wasn't that impressed and neither was she. Since my son was 13, the girl at the desk gave him a "hacky sack" so that he wouldn't feel left out.

We were quickly taken to our room, on the first floor. I had asked for a pool view room (so that we could watch the kids without having to go down to the pool). We were on the side of the pool, but since we were on the ground level there were a lot of trees/bushes and the chess/checker game blocking our view. So, we couldn't have seen the kids at the pool if our life had depended on it. I was a little disappointed by that. That was my first complaint with the hotel. My second complaint is the $8 charge to use the fitness room. I travel quite a bit for work and I've never had to pay to use the fitness room. My 3rd complaint is the charge for the use of their business center. $10 for 15 minutes if I used their compute, $5 for 5 minutes or I could've used my laptop for a $5 charge for as long as I wanted at 1 sitting. To dial in from my room, even though it was an 800 # would've cost me because they charge for 800 calls after the first 15 minutes or so.

I wasn't overly pleased with the size of the room. I found it to be a little cramped, especially after the roll-away bed that we requested for my son. Next time we'll go with a deluxe room or maybe a suite. The rooms as a whole were nice though, maybe a little too nice. I didn't like the white comforters on the bed. I kept worrying that we'd get something on them. I didn't think that the glasswear and mugs were necessary either. I liked having the extra sink; it made up somewhat, for the fact that the bathroom was too small.

Enough about the room. When we arrived, it was raining, but after watching the weather forecast for 2 weeks prior, we expected that. Our plans for this first day had been to catch a movie and grab something to eat. So the group walked over the CityWalk and decided to eat at the NASCAR Cafe. The food was okay and so was the service. Price was reasonable. We then headed to the Cineplex for a movie. Suprisingly, the theater wasn't exceptionally cold, as most theaters are.

After the movie, we headed back to the hotel. After getting the kids settled in, we adults walked back over to CityWalk to check out the night action. It was pretty quiet (probably due to the weather). We hung out at Motown because it was karoke night. Not many people, but fun anyway.

Stay tuned for day 2...............
Mahalo for your report. I am just catching up on reading all the reports. Look forward to your report of the parks...


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