5/28 - Our WONDERful Cruise Continues

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    Apr 29, 2001
    DH and I had decided that we would get up around 8 AM, have a leisurely breakfast and then go into Nassau. However, our plans were changed in one of the oddest coincidences that I’ve ever seen on these boards.

    I woke with a start at 7 AM, thinking that I had been dreaming. Our local newscaster was saying something about tornadoes in a town very close to home. I figured that, while that was a really strange dream, it probably came from the fact that I was still a little worried about seasickness (which turned out to be a needless worry), and bad weather follows us everywhere (we’ve actually been camping in tornadoes). However, once I was sure I was awake, I heard the same voice telling me the same news. Then I realized that the TV was on. (It was only later that I realized that you could set the TV to wake you up!) The ship carries the ABC station from New York, which is what I watch every morning at home. And there, sure enough, was their reporter Stacy Sager, telling me once more about tornadoes touching down near home! (This was different, I was away and the tornadoes were home!) I woke DH and told him, and he thought I was nuts. He had to get up and see for himself that I hadn’t imagined the whole thing. So I had to make a phone call to be sure that things were all right at home—they were.

    Now that we were both awake, we decided to start our day a little earlier than we planned and find some food (not a hard thing to do on a cruise ship!). We went to Beach Blanket Buffet because we decided we wanted to sit outside (we ate all of our meals except dinners here because we liked the food, we liked the choice and we really liked eating out on deck!) and watch the ship dock at Nassau. If you have the chance, it’s really an interesting thing to watch. They turned the ship “on a dime”!

    We headed back to our room to drop off the mugs, pick up the cameras and head off to Nassau (no planned excursions—we’re really good sightseers on our own). We wandered in and out of stores for a couple of hours, enjoying looking at the jewelry and enjoying not buying any! We bought a few souvenirs for our granddaughter (a cute little sundress, some hats (her parents collect hats for her), and a set of coins and stamps for her collection (OK, so she’s only a year old, but she’ll grow into that one!). By noon time we were sweating and starving, so we headed back to the ship to shower, change and eat, and then to head back into Nassau to go to the Straw Market. I’ve wanted to do that ever since the first time I went on “If You Had Wings”. We walked up the hill and looked at some churches, went to the Straw Market and stopped at some of the vendors on the dock. By then we were too hot to have any more fun, so it was back to the ship and to the pool! The Quiet Cove adult pool was empty, we grabbed two lounge chairs in the shade and relaxed until it was time to get dressed for dinner.

    Dinner that night was at Animator’s Pallette. We both really enjoyed this one—I think it may have been our favorite! The food was, once again, delicious. This time we had the maple-glazed salmon as our main course. If you like seafood, try this, even though most of the servers don’t seem to recommend it. The show was very entertaining, and the effects amusing. Then, just as they were serving dessert, our head server, server, assistant server and servers from nearby areas came over with a “Happy Honeymoon” cake for the young honeymoon couple at our table. We all oohed and aahed and sang “Happy Honeymoon” to them. When that settled down, we realized the whole crowd was still there…with an anniversary cake for us! My web page will have a picture of the cake. We forgot to take a picture of the group!

    We walked around the ship for a while, up on deck to see what was going on at the deck party. We really enjoyed watching the people on the other ships as they danced to our music! Then we went back to the Cadillac Lounge for a fill-up of Coke for our mugs, some quiet relaxation, and then decided to head back to the room to rest up for Castaway Cay!

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