4 Those Who Own DVC & Marriot


Mar 7, 2001
We own at BWV and just added on 100 point at Vero Beach last friday. My question is: I ran across the thread about Marriott Vacation Club. So i got interested and called them to get more info. today. In a nutshell, I am interested in the fact that you can convert your ownership to other things. They said you can convert the week you own into airline tickets or regular Marriott points that you can use with other Marriott hotels. Now, I'm thinking of buying this timeshare to complement my DVC membership. So, I can use the Marriott timeshare to get airline tickets, and use DVC for my accomodations. I also like the fact that this one does not expire. I'm still pretty young and when DVC expires in 2042, I'll still be kicking (I hope). So... anyone have any insight?
I've always wanted a Marriott timeshare, but haven't got one yet.

Just a few cautions tho...

If you buy a Marriott resale (and not from Marriott resales office), it is not eligible for the Marriott Rewards program. If you buy new or resale thru Marriott, it should be eligible for Marriott Rewards conversion.

The Marriott Rewards program has just had a major overhall of the rewards. The 200,000 point award (which was the best of all) has been modified, and the new equivalent is now 250,000 points. (go to marriottrewards.com to check out the award charts).

Most Marriott timeshares can only convert to MR points every other year. Some of the older ones can convert every year. And some of the resorts developed by non-Marriott but then brought into the Marriott system, can not convert to points at all.
Read your posting regarding Marriott Club. It seemed you were pretty knowledgable about it. Since you own at Hilton Resorts do you belong to the Hilton Vacation Club?

I did when they were first started but very unhappy with it. The phone counselors had no idea was the whole thing was about. I dropped out after the first year. I figured they probably had the bugs worked out by now. Wondered if it was worth rejoining?

Remember that the Marriott program is essentially a frequent flier mile type program. As noted, you don't get that option unless you pay the big bucks through Marriott, even then, it truly benefits a precious few. Under the old program, it benefited those that had other sources of Marriott Reward points and were willing to take a trip half way around the world about every 2 or 3 years. Personally, I never saw that portion of the program as reasonable. The fact that they can change the program at any time (and have recently for the worse), is a large detriment. They could do away with it also, though I suspect they won't. To me it's much like the Concierge collection, nice to have options, but oh the cost.

The best Marriott values don't come with points in most cases. I bought 2 Marriott weeks. One was not qualified for the points because it doesn't come with the property in question, the other has points for the property but I bought resale and can't get the points. The $8000 I saved on the week at Grande Ocean more than makes up for not having access to points exchange.

I love Marriott for different reasons. They have great resorts, in great places that I like to go. They have internal trading to the other Marriott resorts (more than 40 now) and good to great trade power in general. I believe a Marriott ownership compliments DVC nicely. For another timeshare purchase outside DVC, what's best for one is not what's best for another. In general, I'd buy either cheap or something I'd use (or both). Partly depends on what you want, where you want to go (and when) and how flexible you are. Remember you can always trade or rent if you want.
We also own DVC and Marriott and glad we do. We use DVC for DIsney vacations and Marriott for the others. We just got back from the new Marriott being built in Newport Beach CA near Disneyland. It is absolutley breathtaking! This site was to be DVC but Disney sold to Marriott. Mistake I think because it could of been paired with DL. Marriott is flexible too. A three bedroom can be split into two weeks and some hot spots like Newport Coast sometimes trade for two weeks through II. The reward points are available on some resales when you buy through the Marriott resale office. Orlando does have an official company resale office. Everyother year we can get 125,000 reward points entitling us to a oversea's trip including air, car and hotel and would be available every four years with a vacation somewhere the other two years. Prices do not seem to hold up like DVC but in 20 years you still own forever so with inflation you probably get your investment back and I am sure Marriott will also keep their standards up.

Yes, I belong to Hilton Grand Vacation Club. I got a multi-year membership that doesn't have to be renewed for another 2 years. Haven't quite made up my mind about it yet tho.

They have changed the part about having to confirm your home week. Now it's automatic, so if you plan to use your home week you don't have to do anything.

The best part seems to be open season ressies, where you can get into any available HGVC property with 30 days or less notice for a reduced rate ($60/nite for studio, $80 for 1BR, $100 for 2BR). I've only used that feature once (to stay at HGVC near Seaworld), but, since I will retire in January 2002, I think I'll be able to use that feature more.

Also, as an HGVC member, I got a quite good offer to stay at the new HGVC at Hilton Hawaiian Village. Doing that in November.
I own at both DVC OKW and Marrott Manor Club in Williamsburg, VA. I love them both. I like the flexibility of Marriott in that I can convert a week every two years into Marriott Rewards points, if I want to do so, for vacations overseas or here in the U.S, Mexico, or Canada. These vacations do include airfare and Marriott hotel stays. Also Marriott has wonderful resorts and it is easy to trade within the Marriott system. It also has excellent trading power within the Interval International system.


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