4 people, 3 weeks, 2 resorts and 1 Kingdom!Day 11- US, Wet n Wild & Epcot

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    TUESDAY 22nd May 2001

    US, Wet n Wild & Epcot

    Cast list: -

    Me (Shaun) - Wallet opener, chauffeur and bag carrier
    DW (Alison) - Chief planner, navigator and mother
    DD # 1 (Alexandra 7) - Cautious, shy and parking lot number guru
    DD # 2 (Laura 5) - Daredevil, chatterbox and sleeper

    The rest of the days are on the WDW Trip Reports board - These are related to US & IOA.

    Alarm set for 8 am today. Alison always gets to answer the phone when it rings - she loves hearing Mickey say 'Up and at 'em!' and none of the rest of us are quick enough!!

    We all had cereal in the room - thank goodness for the cheap cooler from Walmart ($3.77), and the ice machine.

    Headed off for USF and guess what - too early again so we are parked on the roof. I really hate :rage: doing that AND having to walk all that way to the entrance!!!!!

    Most folks appear to be peeling off to IOA so USF is quite quiet up until about 11am. Its Sooooo HOT & HUMID today I think I'm going to have one of my "grumpy" turns today! - LOL

    (Note from Alison - Yes he does!!!) :(

    Into the park and race over to do MIB. This is a BRILLIANT ride and much better than Buzz IMHO. It's not suitable for DDs but we ride as there is no queue in the single rider line. Then over to do ET as DDs really enjoyed it last time.

    Great…..they hate the queue in the forest and are not impressed with the ride at all. I think it stopped for a while whilst they let some less able guests on and our DDs just didn't like being stuck in the dark. It went really slowly for a while whilst ET tried to blurt out our names.

    Then I was let loose to go and ride Jaws for the first time - ooooohhh I'm scared!! - :rolleyes:

    Last time we were here it kept on breaking down and then the queues were so long that I missed it. I laugh most of the way round until we go into the boatyard. Although nothing happens I'm expecting it to and "jump" out of my skin by the moving barrels - oh dear, what a fool - LOL :earseek:

    DW in the meantime has taken DDs off to Fievals playground and get Express Passes for Earthquake whilst I tried to get Express Passes for Kong - but it had broken down. When I got back we went over to Hanna Barbera and Nickelodeon.

    Nickelodeon was good for the kids but it was a bit lost on us as we don’t have cable so some of the “in jokes” were lost on us. I was a bit hesitant to say the least about volunteering for anything although there were a number of people ready for some public humiliation.

    (Note from Alison - it's MY job to humiliate you in public!!! ) :D

    We had lunch at Richters Burger ( 3 x burger meals, 1 x fries, 2 x drinks and 1 x fruit cup – about $26). Food was ok, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Next, over to Earthquake. We all went in, saw the film and the special effects show – even this scared the pants of Laura and Alexandra – Wimps!

    We babyswapped the girls off before the ride The ride was better than I thought and very effective. By now we had had enough as it was still HOT & HUMID – so it’s off to Wet n Wild for the afternoon to cool down – phew!

    Wet n Wild is enjoyed by everyone again, but it’s full of Brits!!!!! We came on holiday to escape!!! :eerseek:

    We moved out at about 6pm and the troops were hungry. DDs spot a KFC nearby and persuade us to go in. Brits please note – no fries, sloppy service but food is ok. We even had corn on the cobs as part of our token vegetable intake for today – no jokes please!

    DW spotted a Dunkin Doughnut shop nearby as it starts to rain. In we go and fill ourselves up on doughnuts and coffee. There’s no one else in here and the kind lady behind the counter gives a large bag of small doughnuts to the girls for free!! – how pleasant!

    (Especially as we ate most of them, with another coffee later in the evening!!)

    Fully refreshed we head back to Epcot and The Universe of Energy. They should have shipped some energy out as the ride broke down just as the show was about to start. Dodging the rain we headed off to the Wonders Of Life exhibition and DDs played on the interactive exhibits to their hearts content as it was completely empty. They really surprised us by ejoying this area so much! (Brits note, similar to Science museum in london).

    Back to CBR to find that the maids had arranged the toys once again – DDs RUN back to the room from the car park to see what has been done on a daily basis.

    Off to bed and all excited for Cindy’s breakfast tomorrow! - :D

    Tomorrow – Cindy’s & Sea World
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    Feb 17, 2001
    glad you had fun!

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