4 park hoppers at walmart travel


Jun 15, 2000
Does anyone know how much the 4 day hoppers were at walmart travel? Just trying to get the best price.
Previous posters have said they are priced about the same as AAA, DC and the link from this website (about 5% discount). At one time someone said they were able to buy convention tickets there but I haven't read about that for some time.
Wal-mart 4444 West Vine, Kissimmee, FL
5 day hopper pass $218.00 includes tax, must go there to get them, this is same price as AAA and you don't have to buy a $70.00 membership
sorry I don't have price for 4 day pass, you can call
I just got back and bought my tickets from the Walmart Travel in Kissimmee. I got the 5 day hoppers which a previous poster has already said were $218.00 incl tax. 4 day park hoppers were $196.00 and 5 day park hopper plus were $246.00. I don't remember the other prices, but intend on emailing them for future reference. I found it quite convenient buying them this way, just be sure to check hours the Travel agency is open.


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