3-day Tickets


DIS Veteran
Aug 26, 1999
Last May for our trip to FL, we purchased 3-day passes, but only used 2 of the days, we will be returning this weekend and are planning on spending one day at Universal--my question is this---IF we decide to spend another day can we add it to the pass we have at perhaps a cheaper rate, (am I making sense?) or will we have to purchase new tickets?

Who says 'APs' save you money!!...Ü
but I would buy a new 2 day Park pass, and save the new one day leftover.

Then, next year, I would have 2 one-day leftover passes to use, and not pay anything for 2002 (2003, whatever!).

This only works if you know eventually you'll be back there!

Patti <---who clearly works overtime trying to save and guarantee future trips at the same time!


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