3 Day Pass w/CityWalk Admission


Earning My Ears
Mar 20, 2001
I order my 3 Day US & IOA pass online at their website. It said it also inc. CityWalk Party Pass that would allow free admission to selected venues. I got my ticket today, but looks like the same ticket I had before and it doesn't state anything about CityWalk. So I sent them an email inquiring if I am to use the same pass for all or if I needed another one just for CityWalk. I also asked asked what venues was the Pass good at. Well they responded rather quickley however they didn't answer any of my questions (I think it was basiclly a form type letter response). All it said was that with a 3 day pass I am entitled to EE on the given days and no waiting in line for most attractions btwn 9-11am(?). So can anyone set me straight on how it works.


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Your ticket includes the Citywalk party pass if it says "+CW" on the back. As for EE, please click on the link in my signature for more information.


Barry Hom
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

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