3 Day Dining Plan


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Aug 17, 1999
At the present time, we are staying 7 nights with 5 day passes and the 3 day dining plan.

Does any one know if we can use the vouchers spread out over the entire trip or do they have to be used within a 3 day period?

The last day for changes to our packages is fast approaching and am thinking of dropping dining but going to 6 day passes instead of 5. Any thoughts? Will be a Disneyland Hotel and will not have a car.

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Jul 13, 2000
I just read a post called "disney dining plan" by Lou Merloni that would make me drop the dining plan aspect of any package. The Disneyland Dining Packages are not like the ones at WDW. You are very limited in your choices and they're not good at the hotels or Downtown Disney. And a 6 day pass is a really long time when you have only 2 parks to go to. If you're staying that long, you'll probably want to do Universal Studios and/or some other LA tours.

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