3 day cruise...is that long enough?


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Apr 23, 2000
Is a 3 day cruise worth it? Or should we try to do a 4 day instead? It'll be just DH and I (we don't have kids) celebrating my graduation next May. I'm new to this whole cruise thing so you'll probably see me around here a lot! LOL!
Is it long enough....NO!
But is it worth it.....YES!

3 days on the Wonder is definitely better than 3 days at home. :) If you dont have any commitments holding you back, maybe the 4 day would be better, but if the 3 day is all you can swing, then you should go for it.

We have done the land/sea package(3 day cruise). While we didnt get to do everything on land or at sea, we had a great 7 days. Our next cruise will be just DH & myself. We are doing a day/night at WDW(no parks), and a 3 day cruise. While we will still miss out on a lot, we will sure have fun while we are there.
We have done both the three and the four day cruises. After the rushing around at WDW the cruise gave us a chance to relax before we returned home. They were great but not long enough. We did agree that next time we would do the 7 day cruise. I can hardly wait until Sept. 28th!
We did the 3-day Wonder last October and LOVED IT!!! We had stayed at WDW 5 nights prior to sailing and were trying the cruise to see if we like cruising - - - the answer was a resounding ---YESSSSS!!!!! When when returned to the port after the 3 nights we wondered where the time went!! It was way too short!! There are so many things to do!!

We have now just booked our first 7-night on the Magic for Jan. 2003!!! It's a long way off, but I'm sure when it gets here and when it's over, we'll think it was too short too!!

Have a great time whatever you decide!!
I agree with CamColt.
3 days is waaaay too short, but it's the best way to maximize vacation days for hubby and I, so almost all of our cruises are 3-day jouneys on the Wonder. They go by much too quickly, but we still love it and relish every minute of every trip.
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