2nd & Last Trip to WDW


Earning My Ears
Feb 11, 2002
HI! I'm a Newbie here! I just found this site today and already love it!! I've been lurking!:D This will be our last WDW vacation:( and I'm trying to make this one special. We will be driving from the Dallas area w/ 2 boys 12 & 10, we've never been on this long of a trip driving. We're going to stay at WL for 6 nights the week of Thanksgiving. I'm sure I'll wart all of you to death between now and then, but I just wanted to say HI!!:wave:
why will this be your last trip to WDW??
we live in dallas too and will be at disney 11/23 - 11/30
My DH refuses to go back he is a "been there done that" guy, and is ready to start doing other vacations w/the kids. Anyway, I've got to make this trip special since I won't been going back until I become a grandmother a million yrs from now!! DH will go back then.
We will be at WDW Nov.24-30, where are you thinking about staying? What ages are your kids?
We live about 50 mi. South of Dallas.
Our kids are dd 9 and ds 7, and we are actually staying off site just this once because
my dad has a timeshare and it is free. However, we were staying at the POR and i am a
little sad that we wont be there. But, it saves us $830. His timeshare is at the Vistana
Resort just near disney.

I cant believe your husband wants to go elsewhere this November trip will be our 4th in
two years alone!! We are disney addicts, no where else can you go and do and see so
much!! We had thought about going to Chicago, but airfare and hotel alone were as
much as we spend on airfare/hotel and park passes at disney!!!

I hope your husband will change his mind. Maybe he will go to DisneyLand, once there
he might realize FL is the best. Besides you can go to Island of Adventures as well as
Sea World---the fun never ends in Florida.

Good luck on your drive...we have always flown.
LuvinMickey - Just wanted to tell you, you and your family will have a great time at WL over Thanksgiving. We were there this past Thanksgiving and it was beautiful and full of fun things to do. The weather was warm enough to swim.

My advice would be to do the MK early in your stay like Mon. or Tues. of that week as Thanksgiving day, Friday & Sat get really crowded in all the parks but especially MK.

Don't forget to make your priority seatings early especially on Thanksgiving day.

Have fun planning!
I hope you have a wonderful trip, I hear Thanksgiving is supposed to be very nice and you'll get to enjoy the xmas decorations too!

We tried "other" vacations too, to the Grand Canyon in 1998 and to LA and San Diego in 2001, but I didn't enjoy them as much as I do a trip to WDW. We even visited DL and USH in California, but it wasn't the same. Our compromise is this, my DH joined a martial arts school that about equals the cost of a trip to WDW -- that is his splurge -- and mine is a trip to WDW whenever we can (hopefully once a year).
LuvinMickey...You'll do fine on the drive. It's really not bad at all. DH & I will be heading back to WDW over Thanksgiving (11/27-12/10) and will be driving the same route as you. In October 2000, we went with our then 21-month-old DD. I'm sure your kids will require much less maintenance. :D My sister lives in Denton, & we leave from her apartment. That way the first full day of driving is 2.5 hours shorter than it'd be from our home. I hope that you have a great trip! Getting there is half the fun for us (can't say the same for the return drive, though.)
You can do as I do, and leave dh at home! Mine is the same way..."there's nothing new...". Yeah right! But I have gone with a girlfriend before, and that was the best vacation I've ever had! Now that we have a 5 mo. old, he is willing to go this year. But, I could almost guarantee that he isn't going to want to go during the Christmas holidays (like I'm planning!!). In the future, I will either take my dd alone, or take dd & her "mimi"!

Try it...you'll like it!!!!

My dh is similar. We accidently stumbled upon an "every 4 yr" plan (it has just worked out that way due to births of kids and other events). My dh is sold on this idea for traveling to WDW. I agree with him - there are a lot of other places to take the kids (this year our big trip will be to Marco and Captiva Islands in FL, so that the kids, ages alsmost 4,8, and 9, will have a "beach vacation") - but, it's hard to beat the entertainment value of a WDW vacation. We went once together prior to kids, we went again in 1997 with our 2 oldest dds, and we just went again in 2001 with all 3 of our little Minnies. According to his "plan", we don't need to return until 2005......way too long of a wait, IMHO. We are all working to wear him down for a trip to WDW next year. The more info I discover about WDW (and other Orlando attractions) - especially from all of you on the DIS - has made me realize that we can make a totally different vacation at WDW every time we go. If he remains stubborn about this "last trip" idea, then leave him at home and have a special "MOM-SON" trip in the near future. Good luck, and have a great vacation !!
We have an 'every other' year agreement. My DH would go every year, but I also want our boys to do all the other family vacation destinations (and we're a one vacation a year kind of family!). This way, we get to go to Disney pretty often, and still see the rest of the country/world (ok, just country for now but who knows?!)
Add me to the list of "never-say-never" people. I understand all of the things that get in the way of coming back but all I can say is --Keep the dream alive--and you'll be back. After all, WHAT IS A FUTURE WITHOUT DISNEY?!?!?!? OK, that's a little melodramatic but I'll be hoping you come back!! :)
Hi LuvinMickey,

Hopefully your husband will change his mind. My husband and I have always enjoyed Disney even before kids came along (which was 9 years after we were married). My husband has been to Disney 11 times, I've been 9 times, and this is my kids' 5th Disney trip. Our kids are now 15 and 12. Every year we think of new things to do. We have always stayed offsite, but this year the rates were so good, we are going to stay at CBR in Disney in June 2002. Besides going to all the parks, we are also going to go horseback riding, spend time at the resort, and rent the small motorboats. Also will be attending a couple of dinner shows. These are all new things to us. We're also going to go stay near Universal Studios and go there a couple of days. So many things to do.

In between years of going to Disney, we also took the kids on a two-week RV trip out West (stopped at Disneyland that time) and saw many, many things. Great trip! We also took the kids to Washington in 2000 (stopped at Dollywood on the way) because we wanted them to see our Nation's Capitol. Again, a great trip. But....we're all ready to go back to Disney. We hear it calling our name.

I'm in Texas too (Friendswood) and we always drive. Most of the time we make it a two-day trip, but this time we are going to drive straight through. Trading driving and lots of breaks. Coming home, it'll be a two day trip.

Hope it all works out for you. Have a good trip.


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