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  1. princessap

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    Aug 20, 2009
    So we are planning a trip in 2013....had to delay for a year
    as we are expecting an addition to out family!
    was originally planning on staying at AKL for a
    few nights but now am considering a
    ten day stay at bonnet creek to have extra space with three kids and nt as expensive!
    do u think I will regret this? we have stayed at bonnet creek and love it there but was
    excited to stay onsite.

    also who is best to book thru? we have used ken before and he is great but I have read on here other
    services which are cheaper.
    I stay home with my kids so we need to save and plan for this!
  2. Walt(the man)Lover

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    Nov 9, 2009
    Congratulations on your upcoming angel addition! I am currently at WBC in a 2bedroom presidential in tower six with my DH, DD 7, DS 5, and DD 3 months on the 9th day of our 10 day stay. We did a veery similar trip two years ago when it was just the four of us but stayed in a magic kingdom view room at the Poly. I could not fathom doing that again, and especially with our new addition. This time our littlest one sleeps in her car seat so we put her on the washer and my other two kids have their own bed. The washer and dryer in room is a Godsend. I did laundry at Poly, but it was raining and far away. Big Pain! This trip has been very different, but I think it is more because of out little one than staying off property. We are just at a much slower pace and have really experienced a lot of this resorts' amenities. In fact, DD and kids are playing mini golf right now.
    I booked through Farrell six months ago and was pleased with my $129 a night rate. The transaction went smoothly and we have been very happy thus far.
    All that being said, if there is any way to go to WDW BEFORE your little arrives, I would advise you to do so. This trip was much more fun to plan while I was still pregnant than it has turned out to be. Still having a great time, but not exactly as easy as I thought it was going to be.
    Best of luck!

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