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Earning My Ears
Apr 6, 2001
I am new to all of this and find this site quite helpful. However, I am wondering. . . should I book now for our 2002 vacation? If so, what happens if I find a better rate with the infamous codes, months from now. Do I then cancel my original reservation and make a new reservation to get the better rate--or can you just call back and renegotiate the pricing for our room(s). We are thinking of Dixie Landing (whatever it is called now) or the All Star Movies (2 rooms), as we are a family of 5. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
We've booked through Dreams Unlimited (here on this site) for Feb. 2002. They have given us a quote based on this year's prices and I have made my one night's deposit. I am now making monthly payments (although balance isn't due until check in). Now I just watch these boards and DU also keeps checking, and if at any time between now and then a discount is offered (AP, DC, Manager's Special, State Special, upsell etc.), they will adjust my bill accordingly. Works for me!!
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A lot of the people on these boards have been saying to purchase everything separately on your own instead of going through a travel agent. Why did you decide on a travel agent? And, did you purchase a package deal with rooms, tickets, and airfare?

Maybe I just missed it, but I don't recall seeing anyone suggest not using a travel agent but rather not buying a package. Sometimes travel agents have access to better deals and sometimes they don't.
and have decided to do so again for my aug 2002 trip. I was thinking of booking everything myself,but then changed my mind. I talked to the TA who booked my trip last year,and is able to get me what I want.So,I decided why go thru the hassle when I don't enjoy it.

You're absolutely right, I also believe you should purchase everything separately. I've already purchased our passes (Disney Store with DC discount), I'm going to book our airfare, I've registered with all the different airlines and airfare search engines and they e-mail me when there are low rates for the cities I'm looking for. But as far as booking our room (room only), I've left that up to DU, they book through CRO and WDTC just like everyone else, but this way I don't have to make the phone calls :D. And as I stated in my previous post, they will keep checking to make sure any of those specials out there apply to me, I don't think you're average Travel Agent would do that. I also like the fact that the Dream Agents are experienced Disney goers, not just people who read about it. My "consultant" has been to Disney on at least 20 vacations, 4 Disney cruises and lives within 25 minutes of WDW. She says "if I need to find out info for a client, I just drive over and check it out my self". Even though we're not going until Feb. 2002, she already has an itinerary started for us (online, so I can check it whenever). You fill out a questionnaire with your likes & dislikes (in food, rides, shows etc) and let them know if there are any places outside of Disney you'd like to visit (IOA, Sea World etc) and she takes it from there. She takes care of all the PS's, works EE and E-nites into your schedule (if you want them), it's like having your own personal WDW assistant. I love knowing that she's "been there, done that" and can tell me all about it ;). And best of all, there is no charge to you for all her work :D. Like I said earlier, works for me! ~ :)

Ive save thounands doing it on my own. go for it and its more fun that way.

Thanks everyone and have a magical day.

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I definitely agree to planning everything yourself. And it's so much fun researching everything on the internet (parks, resorts, numerous disney sites and of course these discussion boards that I browse through).
The first year we went in '98 I have a TA book it all. Later realized I should have done it myself would have saved lots! of money. Now I have email alert with SWA the airlines I use when internet fares are low I book online and then book resort with DC discount and then change to AP discount for the room when become available. Order passes over phone!
Oh yeah - way to go! :D


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