2 weeks 2 long for a Young Family


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Oct 8, 2008
Agree with everyone else depends on the kids and how flexible they are with routine and whatnot . This year will be our first 2 week trip 10 nights at Disney 4 at the beach.
I still have never purchased hoppers and my kids are older now 5, 6, 14 and 17. We stick to one park and if we go back the resort to swim whatnot we generally don’t make it back anywhere ..I assume this year two older might venture back in their own bit I doubt the littles prob will swim and be done as Disney is exhausting for everyone .
I can’t imagine park hopping with your littles but to each their own ..
Happy planning


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Mar 17, 2007
No way is it too long! Although, we just spent 6 weeks (off property) in a 1-bedroom with our 3 year old & 4 year old so I may be partial. My husband was sent to Orlando for work for 6 weeks so the kids & I enjoyed the parks while he was at work. It was so nice to be able to leisurely enjoy the parks while still following their normal routine from home by heading home for nap time or getting home before bedtime. So I say go for it!


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Mar 23, 2015
Our longest WDW trip was for 2 full weeks and by day 10 my son started asking if we were ever going home to Texas. Our normal trips are 8-10 days and I think that's plenty of time to do everything without feeling rushed and still able to take breaks.


Nov 22, 2019
Hello there we have 4 children, 16 months, just turned 3, 6 and 8 and have just come back from the most memorable holiday of my life, and I have travelled many many places.

We stayed 21 days at the Polynesian, Oct/Nov period. While planning, me and my husband were thinking that we must have been mad planning such a long stay at Disneyworld, but after having stayed at Disneyland 7 days in the past and feeling that it was too rushed we decided to give it a go. Well I'm so glad we did, in fact I would have probably stayed 3 extra days, the 3 days that we used to go to universal and Kennedy space centre.

The reason why I loved it so much were, because we were staying for so long we had multiple fastpasses for every ride on site, so we were able to literally go in do our fast passes rides and go back to relax at the resort. No waiting No stress we would go back in the evening with the additional fast passes that you are able to have and do stuff over and over again. In addition to that I had planned to do rides with the little kiddies and parent swap the rides with the older ones so they got to ride multiple times with max 15 mins wait.
We were able to find time to go mini golfing to go to the water parks go to disney springs but most importantly relax by the pool at the Polynesian as that was an important part of our trip!

Now in the regards to the Polynesian it took me a loooong time to decide which resort to choose mainly because I wasn't too keen on the Polynesian interior decor. But now that I have been I'm oh so pleased I chose that one. For the age of my children the splash pool was just the perfect place to be. It was easy to sit around the pool and supervise them, as all the areas were very visible so I felt I could relax by the pool with a drink. The spash area didn't have a large bucket of water that would pour down and scare the little kids, like the gran floridian, for example, but two perfect slides for different levels. The big volcano pool was great, even for me! The kids activities and games were also very good and my kids loved to partecipate, the lili and stich playhouse was also very good.
I'm glad I didn't choose the beach club because after seeing the pool I realised it would have been to dispersive for me and I wouldn't have relaxed trying to follow my kids around.
Finally we thought that being on the monorail and being able to go the Magic Kingdom bus hub to other resorts was great. We were able to just catch a bus to the boardwalk, Fort wilderness, animal kingdom lodge etc very efficiently and try multiple restaurants.
Of the poly I loved how we were the first bus stop to be picked up and the first to be dropped off, as we had a double stroller and we needed the space to park the stroller. The busses were many and never full.


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Jul 7, 2001
Since you are coming from overseas, I think the time is perfect. We have done done 10 nights (US) in Disney and 12 nights overseas.

With three young kids, not sure you want to pack up and move.

OKW truly feels like home. I am sure you must have a 1 BDR, a 2BDR would be even better. You can truly stay put. I would definitely not run around to parks everyday - regardless of wether it is Disney, Universal, Seaworld, etc. etc.

Have a resort/relaxing day every two days. For the little ones, they can stay by the pool, community hall most of the day and would have a ball. Perhaps pool hop for change of scenery, have a meal at a different resort, ferry ride to DS, movie at night on the lawn, have some s'mores -at OKW (for those non-park relaxing days).

The convenience on staying on-site with your family is so worth it. If you plan on spending even half of your time in Disney - so much easier to go back and forth on property/park/DS, BW area. You don't even need a car. If you plan on doing anything offsite - rent a car a few days beginning of your trip. Get the outside and a nice food shopping out of the way and let Disney transportation do the rest.

Good luck. Happy planning. Let us know what you decided - how you made out, even better :)
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Jan 28, 2008
Two weeks with three kids 4 and under? In a hotel room? That would be too long for our family. But maybe your family is super chill, the kids sleep beautifully in a bed not their own, nap in strollers, will eat whatever you give them, can wait patiently, and need only one change of clothes daily.
If so, can we trade?

In all seriousness, traveling with tiny kids is beautiful but it is WORK. Totally agree with the recommendations for a 1BR villa and to plan for a lot of down time away from the overstimulation and crowds in the parks.

The was funny. It is totally true all families are different. My kids are actually BETTER BEHAVED at Disney than anywhere else, it's weird, but I'll take it. So we have sailed through 14 day vacations in a standard hotel room without any problems. Traveling is their thing. They stroller napped for 2+ hours everyday like pros. I am scared because our upcoming trip is our first without a stroller...so talk to me again after this trip and I might have a different opinion...they are older now and also slightly moodier ;)


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