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Pin Pics Graphics Dept.
Nov 26, 2000
Michael, BrerRabbit and I got together and came up with my new logo!!! Is it me or what??
Wow Dom!! It looks like a spinner pin! Very cool:bounce:

and it IS you....have you thought about doing a fantasy pin????

Leslie, great minds think alike - my first thought was it looks like a spinner! Dom, it is so cute!!
Great minds DO think alike. I said aloud "Look! Dom and Michael created the first villain spinner". It is SO you. Is there a reason why Cruella is "spun" to the top position?
Hey Dom,

It is the most creative one yet! A Pin Trading Logo Spinner (PTLS)!!!
Looks Awesome!
Looooove it!

Kath - Yes there is a reason why Cruella is at the top: she is the most villianous (is that a word?) of all! Boy, if PETA could just get their hands on her!!

OMG! Dom and Michael: You HAVE TO figure out a way to animate that art so the villians spin! You must - it would be too cool for words!

~Nancy~ (wondering if she can make her Perdita art bark. Hmmmmm...)
How's this?

Dom - very very cool. I love it. You need job for disney designing pins!!

Joanne - love the animation
Dom and Michael, it looks awesome!!! You too work great together! Hey Kathryn, your logo looks sooooooooo cute. I'm glad you're using it.
Thanks for the great comments everyone! Michael saw my "rough" and just had to make a finished product. We then put our heads together and tweaked it a little more to get the finished product above.

While I would love a pin like this I hope to have something of my own creation fairly soon.

Kath it started out as an animation so I really did not pay attention to who went where. It is now just shy of 22k. I could animate it but I think it would be way too big to be used as a signature graphic. Though I do have the itch to see it move.

Joanne - that is making me dizzy! (at least more than I noramlly am!!)
Great logo! We sure have talented people on this board.
Great logo Dom and Michael! Now wouldn't it be great if Disney would do a villain spinner pin?



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