2 Bedroom preferred view


Earning My Ears
Sep 7, 2001
Going for the first time as members in Aug. What are the preferred views of the two bedrooms at BoardWalk? Can you get a view overlooking the BoardWalk or MGM? If so, what view did you like most? Thank you for your input!!:D
Preferred view rooms are 80% of the resort rooms. The various views are boardwalk (only about 15% of all rooms), Luna (main) pool area, Quiet pool area, and lagoon leading to MGM (also called canal view). All areas other than boardwalk look towards Swan/Dolphin or MGM (you can see the tops of things at MGM). Boardwalk view faces toward Epcot and the lake. Best by far is boardwalk view (you look out at the big golf ball and can see the fireworks from Illuminations). Getting the other areas does not quarantee MGM view--it just depends on where the particular room is in the area; for example, many quiet pool rooms look at MGM but as the building is somewhat u-shaped in that area, rooms on part of that u look more towards S/D.

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