2/5/02 How much WATER are you drinking each day?


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Feb 12, 2001
And, what is your 'goal' for each day of drinking --- have you been meeting your goal each day??

I still have my current goal at drinking a minimum of 64oz each day, at which time I stop counting. I have been meeting this goal about 4-5 days on average each week. I would really like to work up to 1/2 of my body weight in ounces!
I would say about 48 oz a day. I used to put it in a sports bottle because it was the largest container that I had. But I am having problems with my jaw and drinking through the straw is hard. I guess I could "pour" the sports bottle contents into a drinking glass though, huh? ;)
Cathy, I have TMJ and have been in some REAL pain since last week when I had a back tooth filled! Do you have any suggestions for some relief -- besides popping ibuprophen during the day? There is NO way that I could drink my water thru a straw either!
Well after being "bad" last week (spent Tuesday morning in the gyn office, Wednesday on the road, etc), I am back to drinking my water this week. I'll admit that I really only do it on the weekdays, but that's better than nothing (which is what I used to do). My goal is to do at least 1.5 liters a day and to try and go beyond. I know I should be drinking more, but I figure it's a start.
I have started drinking about 200 ounces a day. I start each morning with my 32 ounce mug full of ice water and then take another 40 ounce glass full of ice to work to keep in my frig until the afternoon. I fill up my 32 ounce glass 3 times before lunch and 3 times after lunch then I usually have at least 2 more at home at night. Never thought I could drink so much water. I used to drink up to 6 or 7 sodas a day. I now have a diet pop maybe every other day or so.

I have not been diagnosed with anything, but I see a massage therapist every 3 weeks and she works on my face and jaw and it really helps. Sorry, not sure it would be beneficial to someone with TMJ, but I sympathize with you!
Pam, you are making me have to go to the bathroom! 200 oz.! I can not even imagine. Good for you!!!

I drink 75 oz. a day. My water bottle holds 25 oz. and I fill it 3x. Some days I may drink more, if I am out or have and extra glass here or there.
Mrs. Potato Head:

I do end up going a lot. My office buddy has started teasing me that they are going to start charging me for the toilet paper. (HAHA)

But I do feel better.

My goal would be 128 oz Or my water bottle (32 oz) filled up 4 times. I will admitt I have gotten little to no pure water in for awhile. I have lack total caring for getting healthy, back in shape, losing wieght, dieting (whatever you want to call it) since Christmas. But I am finally getting some motivation back. So for now, I am going to go with 64 oz. 16 in the am before work, 32 while at work and another 16 in the evening at home.
Can your 128 oz or whatever I am going for LOL be Crystel Light or does it have to be PLAIN water?? I am TRYING --and does the bathroom time get less as you get use to it??? MAke road trips HARD LOL Thanks

I have a 1.5 L bottle and I fill it twice during the day.
So, I am the one in the bathroom stall next to you. I think our receptionist thinks something is up with how often I "go across the hall".

Originally posted by Tink13
Can your 128 oz or whatever I am going for LOL be Crystel Light or does it have to be PLAIN water??

Well there are differeing opinons on it and I think it depends on what you are looking for. for hydration purposes only, I think crystal light can be used in place of the water. But for weight loss and to "flush out your system" I believe plain ol water is the best. Once you add something to it, I think it looses some of its pureness and lessens its "healthiness." But these are just my opinions


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