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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by jheltz27, May 13, 2012.

  1. jheltz27

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    Nov 15, 2001
    We will be arriving at the Grand Californian Hotel on the afternoon of 05/21 staying in a 1 BR DVC Villa for the 1st time as members. We only have the 1 BR for 1 night and then we have a Studio for the next 3 nights. We're planning to go to the parks early on 05/22 and I know we'll have to check out of the 1 BR and into the Studio later that day. Is there any way to make this transition as smooth as possible so we don't lose any park time? Can concierge transfer our luggage from one room to another while we're at the park? I know we've done that before at WDW but wasn't sure at DLR. Will we have to wait and check in that afternoon for the studio? Any advice or help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hopefully someone who's familiar with the DVC will comment about check out/check in logistics. I'll add opinions about Park Time & touring:

    - 5/22 is a Tuesday. An MM day. You're entitled to MM each day it's avaialble.
    - You'll want to be at the Security Tent 40 min. prior to MM opening. (on Tuesday AND on Thursday)
    - This will be easy to do because you're coming from the Central time zone (& maybe the park - DL - will open later that day?).

    Worst case scenario: Up & at 'em early. Tour DL during MM & tour & pick up FPs in DL the following 2 hours while the park is empty. Hop to DCA & pick up a FP & ride a ride or two & back into the GCH so you can pack up (if you haven't already) & rest....or move stuff to the new room (or let the bellman hold onto it if it isn't ready).

    Remember.....don't think of two different parks. DL, DCA & the GCH are all steps from each other. Work each morning tour or afternoon / evening tour in clockwise or counterclockwise directions (depending on the best time to tour & what major event you're wanting to do that evening).

    Have a great time at Walt's park. :thumbsup2

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  4. Pixiafurie

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    Apr 20, 2012
    Your trip begins on the same day as mine!! How excited are you getting? :hyper::woohoo:

    Anyway, like Hound 109 stated, the parks are close enough to each other that you shouldn't worry about traveling time between them. It might be the best thing to give yourself a break in the afternoon to do the moving out when the park is the most crowded. That way, you can rest up and relax and then hit the parks again later in the day. Just be sure everything is packed and ready to go before you leave tuesday morning and check in for the Studio shouldn't take more than a quick trip to the desk and to the room (I am guessing, at least).
  5. JadeDarkstar

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    Jun 2, 2007
    ill be there a week after you woot woot have a blast
  6. tigers27

    tigers27 Earning My Ears

    Jun 2, 2003
    Thanks but actually we arrive in San Fran this Friday for a family wedding and then fly down on Monday mid-day to Anaheim. So I'm sure we will be acclimated to the PST by then. We thought about just having everything ready and going to the parks really early and then go back and take a break. But theoretically we wouldn't have a room to go back to since they don't have to give us the Studio until 4:00 that afternoon. But I guess we could take a small break at 11:00 after spending 8-10:30 at the park, check in/out, eat lunch and then head right back into the park and come in relatively early that night. We have boys aged 7 & 3 so we are very excited about the closeness of the GCH and taking breaks but that 1st full day is going to be a bit logistically...

    Thanks ya'll.
  7. jheltz27

    jheltz27 @jheltz27

    Nov 15, 2001
    At least this gives me the official best way to make the move.

    Dear Mr. XXXXX,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    The best way to go about a room move is to bring your luggage down to
    the bell desk by check out time. *Stop by the front desk to pre-register
    for your new room, if it is ready by that time of the day, they will
    gladly check you in and your keys will work at that time, however, in
    the event your room is not ready, then they will take down your cell
    phone number and text or voice message you when your new room becomes

    Unfortunately we must have a guest in the room when we move luggage from
    one room to the next. *This is the best way you can maximize your park
    experience. *You can always go to your room as late as you would like as
    long as you pre-register and then contact Bell Services to have your
    luggage delivered once you are in your new room.

    Hopefully this advice helps, if you need any further assistance, please
    do not hesitate to contact us. *Have a magical time!

    Disneys Vacation Planning
    Disneyland Resort Hotels

    Thanks everyone for the tips.

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