1st time to camp @FW...Dec. and 4 kids..are we "goofy"?


Apr 5, 2001
I love "reading" these boards! Now I have a question of my own. We will be going to WDW in Sept. to do the parks. We want to camp at FW in Dec.and not do the parks...Please tell me what there is to do with kids aged 2-13 on a cold or not so cold day at the campground...I don't want to hear I'm bored! ;) Thanks!
there is so much to do where do i start.
4)Petting zoo
6)sitting on the beach toes in the sand
7)Drinking by the pool
8)bike riding bring your own bike or rent them.
10)Movie at night
11)Rent golf cart
OK Rhonda it's your turn fill in where i left off

:D :D :D :D
PS need more info just e-mail me


{Dreams Do Come True at Walts Place}
LOL! Well... let's see....

1. Swim (Am I repeating someone here?) ;)
2. Rent bikes and explore the campground
3. Walk the nature trail all the way over to the Wilderness Lodge
4. Lay on the beach and build sandcastles
5. Rent a canoe or paddleboat at the bike barn and explore the "river" that runs through the campground.
6. Get fishing equipment from the bike barn and fish in the pond
7. Rent water mice from the marina
8. Browse around the trading posts
9. Sit on the porch outside the Meadows trading post and play checkers
10. Get refillable mugs from the Trail's End and sit on the rocking chairs outside Crockett's tavern and watch the people go by, while the kids play at the nearby playground
11. Play at the arcade by the Meadows pool
12. Play at the arcade at Crockett's tavern
13. Play tether ball at one of the many tetherball courts in the camping loops
14. Tennis?
15. Swim (the pool is kept at 82degrees by the way, in the winter)
16. Feed the ducks and fish down by the marina
17. Go horseback riding
18. Visit the petting zoo and blacksmith shop. Feed the goats and visit Minnie Moo!
19. Eat at the Trail's End Buffet (all 3 meals)
20. Check out the lawnmower tree (now THAT'S exciting!) ;)
21. Walk the swamp trail
22. Play volleyball on the beach (permanent net already set up)

1. Hayride at 6:00
2. Campfire program at 7:00
3. Electrical Water Pageant at 9:45
4. Get a late-night pizza and bring it back to your campsite (after 9pm at the Trail's End)
5. or bring the pizza down to a picnic table by the marina and watch the water pageant while eating!
6. Browse the trading posts (sometimes they put out clearance items in the evenings)
7. Go to the Hoop dee doo dinner show (makes reservations early! I think up to 6 months in advance)
8. Watch the MK fireworks from the beach

Whew! I'm sure I repeated some of We4Mickey's ideas, but I was tired of hitting "back" and "forward" on my browser to check! LOL!

- Rhonda :-)
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the new playground by the pool.
thanks for your help rhonda


{Dreams Do Come True at Walts Place}


Thanks for the wonderful suggestions! So we can enjoy the water and beach area in Dec??? Great!
By the way,how much do we need to allow for the rentals of the bike, water mouse,etc.? I am having a great time exploring the idea of camping at FW! <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">
I think water mice are around $20/half hour. I'm not sure about canoe/paddleboat rentals - but they're not much! You can call CRO and ask them to transfer you to FW and ask them directly!

I forgot about the new playground by the pool! Thanks!

- Rhonda :-)
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