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Jan 13, 2001
Just discovered this site and think it's excellent how everyone helps each other out. We are thinking of coming to WDW and staying at FW probably first half of June but have questions. We love camping & have 3 kids (8 yr. twins & 4 yr. old) but our pop-up does not have A/C, only fans. Will we be too miserable? What kind of temps should we expect? Also, which loops would you recommed for partial hook-up? Like to be fairly close to bathroom, etc. Heard there is ice in comfort stations, is there a charge? How are the pools? Which water park is best to visit? We're planning on doing 1 day at MK and 1 day at a water park, the rest of the time to enjoy the campground. Sounds like there is a lot to do. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Hi Happy Camper,
We went last year from Memorial Day weekend
thru the first weekend in June. It was a
great time to go but it was hot!!! Highs
were in the mid to upper 90's everyday. It
was tough. Things could always be different
this year but this is what we ran into.
Sorry can't help to much with the rest of
your questions. Maybe someone else can.
Good Luck.

We have never been in June, but spent 8 days in August in a tent. We were concerned about the heat, but found that we spent most of our days busy, and it cooled off quite a bit at night. We brought a fan and ran it in the tent during the late afternoon to circulate the air. We actually were cool at night, and needed light blankets. There is a lot to do in the campground, so much so that one of my 8yo twins said he didn't want to go to the parks the next time, he just wanted to enjoy the campground. They loved the campfire each night. We couldn't keep them away. We have always stayed in a preferred loop, so can't help much with partial hookup sites although I've heard 1500 is nice. We like 1400. It's a little more expensive, but real close to the Meadows, campfire, and the pool. Sorry this is so long.
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Never been there in June but the idea of using a fan sounds good. Ice cost us $2.00 a bag 3 years ago. We liked the 1500 loop, it's walking distance to the Meadows and campfire program. We had site on the north end of the loop, close to the bus stop near the exit. Had a canal at the backside of our site and did some fishing off an old train trestle from when they used to have a steam train running thru fw. have fun

We have been to FW in June and it was hot. We use fans when we camp and it does help. We keep one at each end. Really though there is so much to do in the campground you probably won't be at your camper that much. If you are going for a partial hookup site, I would go with the 1500. You will be just across the bridge from the pool, bike barn, campfire program and meadows trading post. It's very convenient. The other partial hookup is 2000. I think it's too far from everything. It also seems more open and sunnier. We like the shade. I think ice was still $2.00 a bag when we were there in October. Go and have a great time :D :D :D


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Thank you for all your input, I sure appreciate it. I can't wait to go! I'll stay tuned to this site for lots more advice. Happy Camping!


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