1st DCA Trip - It's No Disneyland....

Disney Anna

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Oct 2, 1999
But what is, except for the original landmark itself? I've been to WDW twice - and my favorite park there is the Magic Kingdom. I enjoy AK, MGM and Epcot, but none of them are the MK. And, the MK is not Disneyland.

The same is true for DCA. It is not Disneyland. But it is very nice in its own right. And is a wonderful addition to the new "Disneyland Resort." By it's own, I agree, at this point in time, I don't believe I would visit it as my sole destination. But I also don't think I would just visit WDW for Ak, MGM or Epcot by themselves.

What makes WDW work is the fact that you have 4 very complimentary parks working together. Plus, Downtown Disney and beautiful themed Disney hotels. The fun is being there in the midst of all that magic. Hopping between parks, hotels, shopping, etc.

On my last trip, we went to MGM each and every day, but except for the first day, only rode 2 rides, the Rock N Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror.

I think what they have created with the new Disneyland Resort is well on its way to what Florida has. Now that I have the 2 park hopper, I look forward to taking it all in. Starting out early at DCA, going on Soarin' over California. Hitting a few rides and then hopping over to Disneyland. After that, hanging out at the new Downtown Disney.

I think one of the best additions is all the new eateries. I was really impressed with all of the new food additions.

That's about it.I've only visited DCA once, but I liked it. Didn't love it, but I think I may in time.

Just some thoughts.
Hi Disney Anna,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Now I won't be disappointed when I arrive at DCA and don't have that same feeling I get when entering Disneyland.

Happy Planning!!

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I haven't been there yet ( and won't till 02) but I expect to feel just like you did. :)

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We went to DCA / Disneyland in March. I have a confession to make...I just don't get that Disney feeling.. the one you get when it's dark and the lights are turned on in Main Street..but I'm not talking about DCA! I'm talking about DL.

I found California Disneyland to be a little dirty, it felt a more crowded during busy times, and the rides overall a bit disappointing. The Matterhorn is rough. Space Mountain is rougher in California. Fantasyland is so crowded after 11:00 A.M you can just forget about it. I had to smile when I saw the lights on in Walt's apartment, but overall I was wishing I was in Florida.

The thing that saved our trip was DCA and the wonderful, clean wide open spaces of downtown Disney. My girls loved Paradise Pier after dark. They loved California Soarin and California Screaming. They liked Hollywood. They liked Grizzly. Overall, the staff was more cheerful and having more fun.

Downtown Disney is loaded with good resteraunts and unique shopping. ESPN zone had great food, good service, a fun game area, and the girls liked having their lunch sitting in an recliner in front of the big screen tv. We even went to the movies one night when we were too tired to go anymore.

We did like the Disneyland hotel. Cute pool, friendly staff and a pleasant room. We visited the Grand Californian, and had breakfast at the Storytellers cafe. While it was very nice, I was glad I didn't spend twice as much to stay there. The Disneyland hotel was nice and close to downtown Disney, and very pretty.

I'm not trying to start a debate, but I'll take Florida over California because I have more choices with the parks, and a better Magic Kingdom experience.


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