1993 tickets to now


Jan 18, 2002
My husband ( then boyfriend ) and I went to disney in 1993. We each have 2 days left on our 4-day hoppers.

1. My last name was different then. Will there be any Id problems?

2. Should we just use them as is?

3. If we change them into the new medium, does it still have your full name on them?

We are thinking that the best thing to do, if it just has your last name on it, is have one of us use both of them and buy a one day ticket to AK. Also we would buy one of us and our DD a 5 day hopper.

Could we do this? Or should we each use our 2 days and buy 4 day hoppers for ourselves and a 6 day for our DD. (Since they don't sell 3 day ones.) I think we will only need 5 days in April.
Please help me with this problem. Thanks in advance.
Your name change will not be a problem. Your situation is far from unique. :)
Use the two days as is, and get a 4 day for each. Or, you can trade them in for a 4 day pass, you will loose the value of just using them however.
Originally posted by GAIL HAYDEN
you will loose the value of just using them however.

I completely agree with Gail - just use that days that you have left as is and then purchase a new hopper pass for the number of days that you need.
Just so that you know, the new hoppers do not have names on them UNLESS you purchase them at a Disney resort and they are used as your room key. Even then, they only have the name of the person whose name the room is registered in.

Good Luck! :)
Be sure to have the old passes converted to the magnetic strip ones now in use. Otherwise you won't be able to use FastPass. This is done free of charge at any major park ticket window or Guest Relations window or at the Guest Relations offices at DD.
Have things changed at the fast pass machines? When I was there a few months ago, the magnetic strip on my card was no good, and I just told them at the fast pass machines and they printed the fast pass out for me. And last year, I was able to use a very old (1987) pass with no magnetic strip. Once again, the CM at the fast pass machine printed one out for me without any problem.


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