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Nov 15, 2019
So I happen to have a super rare complimentary ticket to Disneyland from 3 days after it opened. It was my great aunt's and I found it in a stack of papers when I was helping her move from her apartment. I haven't been able to find any real information on these. I am not a Disney fan and know nothing of Disney memorabilia, so I thought this would be a good place to learn. I had it listed on ebay shortly but after getting offered $500 for it I decided I listed it prematurely without knowing enough about it. So does anyone know anything about these? How much are they actually worth and how did someone get it? My great aunt is not a reliable source. She says her uncle designed one of the buildings on downtown Disney and presumably thats how she got it. Anyway the only other one I could find on the internet is from opening day and looks to be signed by Walt Disney himself. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
https://flic.kr/p/2hLjLzx https://flic.kr/p/2hLowvg


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Mar 12, 2016
I would imagine it might be in association to a contest, or the fact that her uncle is in association to working for Disney due to your statement that according to her he designed one of the Downtown Disney buildings. Due to the timing of the ticket being so early on, I would imagine those would be the main two explanations for a complimentary ticket being held out. However, that is if it's real.

There is only one other photo I could see of a complimentary pass and it is allegedly signed by Walt himself. To me seems too good to be true, but I suppose it's possible. The press ticket looks similar, but it states press and has different description on it. Also, other press tickets look completely different from even the one that looks similar to your complimentary ticket.

A lot of the regular first day tickets were known to counterfeit and is a story told by numerous former CMs as well as imagineers of how many people that went into the park weren't supposed to be there. That being said there is little information about complimentary tickets, especially that early on, and therefore I would imagine you'd have to consult an actual Disney, or Disneyland memorabilia expert to see if this ticket is even real, how someone could get something like this, and then from there price.

Even the known man who was given a complimentary pass for life and has numerous articles written about him, the photo that is shown of what his pass appeared to look like is similar, but slightly different from what I see in these photos. To really know it's history you'll have to research to find a Disney/Disneyland expert like I said, because at this point, it's all theory.
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