19 days of no work....no worries...day 13

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    Day 13
    Tuesday 8/6

    Today is Grandpa and Lita’s 36-year wedding anniversary!!!!! We all awake early today, Kayla especially as she is excited about wearing her Cinderella Dress to the Castle today. Mommy, Daddy, Carol, Kayla and Michael have an 8:50am ps at Cinderella’s Castle. Grandpa and Lita have no idea what is in store for them this day. Mommy and Carol along with Regina’s assistance at Dreams Unlimited have planned a big day! There is a nock on the door and room service brings in a lovely fruit and croissant breakfast as well as Mickey confetti and Balloons and sets up the table for them. They were very surprised! They opened their gifts from us to find that after breakfast they were to go to the Campgrounds for horseback riding (Lita’s gift) along with instructions on where and when to meet us later in the day for more surprised. One other gift that was included was reservations for Thursday for the Steam Train Tour (Grandpa’s gift). After Anniversary wishes and hugs good by we leave them to enjoy their mornings adventures.

    Meanwhile, we arrive early at the Magic Kingdom, via bus, and get to walk down the empty main street to Cinderella’s Castle. Breakfast was wonderful as always, consisting of the stuffed French toast, potatoes, bacon, pancakes and fruit. The table was full of Mickey confetti and we had a wonderful window view of the park. The princesses enjoy looking at all of their past pictures with the kids in their homemade autograph book. They spend a lot of time at our table for pictures and talking with the kids. They also sign a special certificate for us to take back to Grandpa and Lita for their Anniversary.

    After breakfast Kayla changes into her shorts as it is much to hot to stay in that dress all day. We tour FantasyLand first. We enjoy all the rides there, some of them more then once and then it is on to Tomorrow Land. Michael has been waiting and waiting for his ride on the racecars at the Tomorrow Land Speedway and his ride on Buzz Light-year’s Space Ranger Spin. We also relax on the Tomorrow Land Transit Authority (still the “People Mover”as far as Mommy is concerned).

    It was now time to meet Grandpa and Lita in Epcot for their next surprise (actually it was also a surprise for Kayla and Michael). We enjoy the monorail ride over and meet Grandpa and Lita at the Garden Grill at 3:00. Grandpa and Lita enjoyed their breakfast and horseback riding. Grandpa, however had a very difficult time dragging Lita away from the pool to meet us here though! Once seated the kids were very excited to see Chip and Dale and their Ice Cream, complete with gummy worms and a big chocolate chip cookie. Grandpa and Lita still did not understand why they were to be a part of this ice-cream eating afternoon for the kids. They soon found out though. Mickey arrived at the table with Bride and Groom hats that he placed on their heads. The waitress congratulated them on their Anniversary and Mickey pushed their heads together for their official Anniversary Kiss. Chip and Dale joined in and they were presented with a certificate to remember their special day.

    After the Ice Cream Social we all made our way back to the Boardwalk for some much needed pool time. The kids enjoyed hot dogs and chips by the pool in between rides on the Kester Coaster Slide. We had a fun afternoon but before we knew it was time to dress for the evening.

    Grandpa and Lita were instructed to be ready (casual dress) for dinner by 8:00pm. They still had no idea what we had planned for the evening. As we all walked out to the BoardWalk, Mommy could see Captain Darrell waiting for us with the pontoon boat at the dock decorated with balloons and our evening’s dinner. As we got closer we could see the expressions change on Grandpa and Lita’s faces, wondering where we were headed. They soon figured out that the Captain was waiting for them and that the special boat was for us, but they still were not sure exactly what else was in store. As they boarded the boat and saw the bottles of wine and water and the platters of caviar and cheese and fruit their happiness was clearly seen in their faces. You could tell that Lita was glad we were not having more ice cream! Kayla and Michael’s faces lit up when they saw the big basket of rice crispy treats that were waiting for them as well. Once seated Darrell explained the evening that was in store for us all. We all settled in with our drinks and dinner and Darrell took us on our journey. It was a beautiful calm and clear evening and we enjoyed our conversations with Darrell and the ride over towards MGM while onlookers waived. Michael and Kayla got to be Co-Captains for the evening, which was one of the highlights of this vacation for Michael. We began to make our way over to Epcot and Darrell parked the boat just past the bridge. We saw the reproduction Cris Craft with a couple enjoying a bottle of Champaign. There was also a party next to us with a couple small children and Carol helped Kayla to pass out some of our Mickey rice crispy treats to them. The party was much appreciative as the children enjoyed the treats. It was nearing time for Illuminations as we all settled in with our front row view. We have all seen Illuminations on previous vacations but nothing will ever compare to this! The view of the globe was so close and we could feel the heat from the fire on the water. As the fireworks exploded in the sky in front of us we all knew that this evening would be a magical memory that would last a lifetime. When Illuminations ended we were the last boat to leave. Darrell’s took us on the last part of our journey through the waters of the World Showcase Lagoon and then back to the boardwalk. We thanked him for a wonderful evening and departed the boat .

    Grandpa and Lita were not ready to call it a night so they took a bike out with Kayla for a spin around the Boardwalk. Michael was ready to go back to the room to vacuum again and catch some TV time with Carol. Mommy and Daddy took a walk on the boardwalk and looked in some of the shops. Soon we were all back in our beds awaiting another day’s adventures.

    Tomorrow: And the rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down!
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    What a wonderful day of surprises you had planned - thanks for posting!
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    Very nice anniversary day & evening!

    Thanks for sharing all the festivities with us!

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