19 days of no work...no worries... day 12

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    Day 12
    Monday, 8/5

    All the fun had caught up with the kid and they were sound asleep this morning. Since our plan was to hang out at Epcot most of the day we let the kids sleep in. Carol stayed in the room with them and enjoyed a peaceful morning while they slept. Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa and Lita had breakfast from the Boardwalk Bakery at a table on the boardwalk as we watched the people and boats start their day. The breakfast burrito there was very yummy.

    While walking on the Boardwalk after breakfast we spot a radio station broadcasting live. We have to take a second look as it had a familiarity to us. Well, it was WSOC FM 103 from our home town of Charlotte, NC. They noticed us watching and talking and called us over. They were there for a week checking out all the different resorts and reporting live from a different one each day. They were all enjoying breakfast of hot wings and invited us to join them. We were all live on the radio that morning ! What fun that was! They also took our picture and put it on their websight.


    We continued our walk and entered Epcot shortly after opening. It is so peaceful and beautiful in World Showcase in the morning before it opens. We headed to Test Track and picked up some fast passes for Test Track for us and for Carol and Kayla (we brought their passes with us). Grandpa and Lita were still looking for stuffed stitches so we browsed in Mouse Gears for awhile. Jackpot!!! We found them!!! We called Carol to see if the kids were awake yet and they were but Michael was vacuuming for the maid and was not interested in leaving the room. We finally convinced them to venture out (only because Grandpa and Lita had a surprise for them). We met Carole at the International Gateway entrance to give their passes to them and proceeded back to mouse gears so the kids could pick out their Stitches. The kids now had their friend to keep them company for the rest of the trip so it was off to our next item on the agenda for the day. Test Track. Michael is not yet tall enough for this ride so Mommy takes him to the Living seas as he enjoys looking at all the sea life. Kayla takes Stitch on a fast and fun ride on Test track with everyone else and we meet up after. Grandpa and Lita are ready for some Boardwalk time so they head back. The rest of us continue our tour of Epcot for the day including another ride on Space Ship Earth and a soda break in the Ice Cool Station (It still makes me laugh to remember the look on Michael’s face when he tasted Beverly! Yucky!!!!) We stopped for a snacks (the kids love the churo’s) & Margaritas in Mexico out side and watched the ducks for awhile. We took several rides on the boat ride there and then proceeded on to the other countries, with the kids adding to their masks along the way. In Morocco we stopped for another quick snack and mint tea at the Tangierine Café. We continued our journey and exited through the international gateway back to the Boardwalk.

    We had just enough time for a few slides on the Kester Coaster and even Grandpa rode this time, at Michael’s request! The pool time was refreshing and we were ready to start our evening.

    After freshening up we took the boat, at Michael’s request, to MGM. The boat is a lot slower then walking there but everyone’s feet appreciated the rest. We had a 5:10 ps at The Brown Derby (after obtaining fast passes for Rock and Roller Coaster). We had a great table in the private room off to the side with doors that open up to the outdoor patio. We had wonderful service and food here! We enjoyed a nice long relaxing dinner and drinks. While enjoying our drinks we were able to open the patio doors and here the music from the Stars on Motor Cars Parade. Some of us stepped out onto the patio to watch for a little while as well. Dinner consisted of crab cakes, Cobb Salads (as entrees), Lamb and one other dish that I can’t recall. The Kayla loved the crab cakes and ended up eating all of mommy’s so Mommy had to order another for herself. The Brown Derby makes some of the freshest and most wonderful crab cakes. The kids loved their macaroni and cheese and tastes of all the other dishes. We were also entertained by some “MGM park movie stars” during our meal as they spent some time at our table. Grandpa and Lita’s anniversary was to be the next day and they were treated to a Champaign toast and a small cake. Carol treated for this dinner and it was all a favorite of ours.

    It was time for our fast passes for rock and roller coaster so off we went. The kids enjoyed an ice-cream treat from Carol while they waited and while the adults took turns riding.

    Time for Fantasmic!!! We brought our fantasmic ps passes to the back enterence and walked right in, well after the long walk up the hill. We had great seats, close to the front and fairly close to the center section. The kids made friends with a little boy in front of us and they entertained each other while we waited for the show. Fantasmic was just as fantastic as ever! Another magical ending to a magical day.

    Tomorrow: Shhh……Surprises ahead for Grandma and Grandpa’s 36yr wedding anniversary!
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    Sounds like you had a great trip! I am enjoying your trip reports!
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    Another great day!

    Thanks for posting!

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