15 month old - eats for free?


Earning My Ears
May 6, 2001
Planning ahead. We are going to the following buffet resturants and wondering do we have to buy the child meal for our 15 MO?

- Breakfastasaurus
- Chef Mickey's
- Ohana - Breakfast

Also Teppenaki- has a flat child price?

I'm sure this has been asked before but it looks like you can no longer search.
we did not pay for any meals for my daughter at any of the buffets and she was 22 months old when we went.
Ditto we also did not have to pay for any meals for our 14 month old DD when we went.
We went with a 16 month old baby just this past December. We were not charged at any of the buffets. If you order something off the children's menu at the other restaurants, you will have to pay. However, there is no charge if you just want to feed your little one from your plate. This is what we did at Teppanyaki. FWIW, I don't think they are used to toddlers at Teppanyaki. My SIL asked for a plate for her son (the 16 month old) to use. They brought a GLASS salad plate. My brother asked for something else - that plate would never have made it intact through the meal!
Oh, yes, that brings back memories. We also were given a glass plate. The waitress pushed DS in his highchair right up to the table. If he had tried, he could have touched the grill. :eek: DH pulled him away from the table very quickly. We loved the food, but I ended up feeding DS later with an alternative lunch. :)
Thanks for the info on Teppenaki. I will be sure to bring our own plate or feed baby prior to our dinner. Glad we don't need to pay for baby.
We are going Oct 7-12 and will be taking our four sons. One great thing is that our third son will be turning 3 on Oct.31 so he will be practically three, but still free according to their pricing rates. Yeah!!!
As long as the child is not yet 3 then they can eat free. I have even heard of them getting a free kids meal at a regular restaurant too and not just buffets. Someone on another board was able to get all meals for their under 3 y/o free even kids meals in all the food places in WDW. When she was charged for one she complained to the resort manager and they credited her for it!


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