15 days till my trip to DL (m)

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by DL4my2kids, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. DL4my2kids

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    Oct 30, 2006
    Booked the DL hotel though AAA
    Bought the park tickets though my Rec center at work. 3 day hopper passes.

    Because I booked the hotel thru AAA, do I get unlimited Fastpass?
    If so, where do I get the fastpass at? Hotel or AAA office?

    I also have A disney Chase card. I cashed in and got my disney dollars to spend.
    Other perks of the Disney card?
    Free stroller rental
    5X7 character picture
    but what else?

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated. This will be our first family vacation. Me, my husband and 2 kids (5 and 2)
  2. abby

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    Feb 17, 2005
    I believe you can get two strollers per day with the visa, you might want to consider one for your 5 year old. my dd 6, who hasn't used a stroller at home in years loves having one at DL.
  3. fidoprincess

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    Dec 28, 2005
    yep, agree with the stroller, my dd is 6 and loves having a stroller at Dl and it helps us extend the time in the park because she isn't all tired out from trying to keep up with the adults and her older brother. Visa gives you 2 free per day, all day. Just show your card and they print you a ticket (to save in case someone takes your stroller and you need to get another one.) But, the monorail is down so I would probably take my own for the 2 year old cause it is a bit of a walk back to the DLH!! Unless your hubby will happily carry the 2 year old, then don't bother. There were times though when hubby carried the little one and the older one used the stroller back to the hotel so something to think about.

    You also get EE as a perk of staying at the DLH each day it is offered even though your parkhopper says just one. The hotel will give you a white charge slip to use for EE and also charges to the room. You can also send packages back to the hotel for you to pick up the next morning at the bell desk, great for sending photos that you don't want to carry around.

    The unlimited fastpass benefit of AAA is great if it is crowded. Normally, you take your entry ticket and stick it in the fastpass machine at each attraction that has it. It will give you a fastpass(and your ticket back) with a time to use it and a time to get another one printed on the ticket, usually 2 hours later. With AAA, you do not have the 2 hour wait to get the next one so you can collect a bunch in the morning and then use them all afternoon when it gets crowded! Even though the fastpass will say come between 12 and 2, for example, you can go later than 2 just not before 12!

    The other visa perk besides the strollers and the photos is 10% discount on purchases of $50 so try to do all your shopping together in one place since most of the stores all sell the same things now anyway, esp. the big stores on Main Street.

    Also remember that AAA give you discounts on food at certain restaurants too like Goofys, Plaza Inn and some others! I always ask just to be sure!

    There are some other perks I know I am forgetting, which restaurants have discounts for AAA and which stores give you the Visa discount so double check both websites before you leave!

    Have a wonderful time! We leave in just 12 DAYS, can't wait.....

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